Friday, 30 March 2007

In the beginning

In the beginning there was a blank page with a flashing bar... and then there was the start of the blog.

I have kept a paper diary for the past 20 years. Not every day or anything, just the significant stuff (and the mundane sometimes too). I thought it might be a good time to bring myself into the 21st Century and try it this way for awhile.

I guess if you were going to pigeon hole me at this time in my life, the main things that occupy my headspace are: practical parenting tips, child development, work stuff (health management), traveling on the cheap, movies and TV, music, gardening and home improvement and learning more about how to be a more serene person. I'm a pretty typical ex-urban hippy, Gen Xer living in the 'burbs of Sydney.

We are a family of four - The Geege (Dad) is a tour guide in Sydney, MultipleMum (Mum) is a speech pathologist who is currently on maternity leave, Nugget (2 in 2 weeks) and baby Doo Dah (3 1/2 months).

My husband is the best guy in the world who makes me very happy (although he frustrates me too - more on that later).

My two sons are unbelievable - I didn't know I could be a mother until they came along and brought out all the Mumsy in me.

Nugget is a cheeky chops who is getting into the spirit of toddlerhood in a major way i.e. he is adorable, whingey, busy and fussy.

Doo Dah is barely a person at all yet, but I have a good vibe about his personality. He has always had a gentle way about him, and the best smile in town. More on him as this blog progresses and he grows into himself.

We are an ordinary bunch, doing ordinary things.

Today was another ordinary day:

  • we prepared for our upcoming Easter camping trip (which involved Nugget destroying the camping store in Chatswood)
  • we picked up Nugget's big-boy bed from his Auntie M's. Nugget fell in love with cousin M's "big car" (one of those little car's that kids can sit in and push around with their feet) and spent at least an hour putting cousin AJ's matchbox cars "niddle cars" into the back of the big car. Nugget replaces all /l/s with /n/s which makes it pretty hard to decipher his speech at times (lucky I am a speech pathologist and can therefore act as interpreter for the Geege and will be able to fix his phonology if need be in the future)
  • Doo Dah looked gorgeous in a little Bondsie and managed to grab the dog that hangs on his baby gym long enough to put it into his mouth! Milestone!
  • The Geege and Nugget mowed the lawn (The Geege with a real mower and Nugget with his toy one, a very cute site) while Multiple Mum gave her mother (B) directions using the Street Directory over the mobile phone. B got herself lost in the back streets of Marrickville trying to get herself from Tempe to Undercliffe where she is staying at Sister A's friend's house because my brother TICH broke his leg in three places at the football last Saturday night (how's the oesteoporosis?)
  • The Nugget discovered that he has "twins" - two identical hands - whilst taking a bath.
  • The Geege and Multiple Mum contemplated the career path of The Geege (a recurrent theme).
The one thought I would like to remember from today: I want to explore German film. This is for two reasons:
1. Firstly, I heard half of a review about a film that sounded interesting that has just come out on DVD on the radio today and it prompted me to think about the films that I saw in Germany in the early 90s (they were terrible) and I wondered if they have gotten any better (although Run, Lola run is a German film and one of my favourites so they aren't all bad).

2. And secondly, I really need to brush up on my German skills and think this may be a good way to start the ball rolling (either this or enrol in a German language course which is another thought from today that I would quite like to remember).
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