Monday, 23 April 2007

The Biggest Loser Finale

We found out on Thursday that we had tickets to the Biggest Loser Finale on Monday the 23rd April (thanks to R from MG who is one of the directors). Life had to be rearranged quickly to ensure that I could go! Last year, R, K and D and myself from MG all got together for "the big watch" of the final, so it was only fitting that the four of us were able to go to the real thing this year.

The Geege had to take a day off work to mind Doo Dah and pick up Nugget from daycare so that I could go. It was great fun, but a very long day. We met a few interesting characters in the queue (we were sandwiched between Chris' trainer and Greg's wife). We clapped excessively, whoo-ed on command and got to see the amazing transformations first hand. It really is incredible that people can lose that much weight in only 3 months. They really are inspirational. None of us were terribly impressed with the winner however. He did lose nearly half of his body weight (and at 6 feet 5 was only 79kg) but he was such a wooden, awkward character. There's no replacement for a personality now is there.

We were supposed to be at Global Studios from 12.30 to 5, but it went until 7.30 (and we left before they filmed Damien Leith). I had expressed a feed for Doo Dah and bought some formula pouches, "just in case". Geege had great trouble giving him the EBM bottle (at least an hour he said :( ), and he barely touched the formula. I was absolutely bursting by the end of the show. I thought I was only going to miss one feed, but I missed two because it went so long, and I didn't have a breast pump so the boozies were about to explode by the time I got home. Luckily Doo Dah woke when I arrived home and he had a good feed and we all felt better and he slept until 5 in the morning!

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