Sunday, 29 April 2007

A bunch of two year olds

Doo Dah got his 4 month injections on Monday morning and woke from his big sleep with a hacking cough. The fun of the colds began. Nugget's started the next day, so for the past couple of days we have had two sick boys and have been unable to go anywhere or see anyone who has a child. I began slowly developing a case of cabin fever. Nugget too was feeling hemmed in, so we broke the rules and went out for some walks, to the shops for a bit of retail therapy and to Doo Dah's MG (at a cafe).

On Saturday, the 28th April (yesterday) we went to D&R's house for the combined two year old birthday party. We had arranged a mobile petting zoo and for a photographer to come and take family photos (a portrait party. See It was loads of fun. It was great to get everyone together and to see all of the Dads and the 'workers'. Most of the other kids absolutely loved all the animals, especially Alana and Jess. Nugget didn't show much interest but he did feed one of the goat's some bread and patted a baby chicken whilst sitting on his Mum's lap which seems an improvement on the recent trip to the Royal Easter Show. He played happily with some trucks and cars in the garden and played together with Michael on the slippery slide and Hannah on the trampoline. Everyone had a feast of sausage sandwiches for lunch.

I was really looking forward to having the family photos taken as I had been meaning to arrange this since Nugget was born. I took effort getting the boys ready to make sure that their outfits would be cute in the pictures and that they would be matching in with us. I thought we were ready to set the world on fire with the level of our gorgeousness! When we actually had the photos done however, neither of the boys were up for smiling for the camera (hopefully the photographer captured a couple of little smiles) and their noses ran the whole time. Geege and I spent all of our 'session' wiping little noses and trying to cajole smirks and giggles out of N and D (compare this to the F's before us who had to drag Phoebe away because she was loving the camera so much!). We have to wait one week to see the final product. I will keep you posted.

Hannah wasn't able to make it. Instead, J organised a combined house-warming and birthday party for Hannah last week and invited a large crowd. Unfortunately the weather was not very friendly and it rained all afternoon. This meant that the house was chockers with people, many of whom were very large, and there was nowhere for the toddlers to, well, toddle. This resulted in a very tense and busy environment. The fact that the rugby league was playing on the TV instead of having some nice, relaxing music didn't really add to the ambiance. I had Doo Dah in a sling and he was squirming around and I got more and more flustered as the afternoon progressed. D&R kindly assisted me with getting drinks and food for self and Nugget, but in the end the crowd got to me and we bid them adieu. I was disappointed because I love J and wished that things had turned out more smoothly for her.

Hannah is 94cm tall, so if the height predictor calculators are correct will be 188cm (about Geege's height).

R&G came for poker last night. Geege won. It was an interesting evening -G poisoned me with her moreish curry, so I spent some of the evening on the loo, Ruby (dog) farted under the table, Nugget and Doo Dah played tag waking every hour or so, G&R competed 'til the death over hands that contained nothing and the R and Geege got rolling drunk. All fun and games.

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