Friday, 20 April 2007

A glimpse into the future?

Our mate Jack turned 3 today so we all went down the Clontarf Reserve for a play at the park to celebrate. It was a great playground and Nugget had the best time under the supervision of the Geege. Doo Dah met up with some of his aged crew too - little Ted S and Baby Hannah M, so I got to do some baby talk about poos, breast feeding and sleeping, so everyone was happy.

Jack's Mum,K, had some new friends there - Milly from England and her three boys. Milly was a lovely lady. She has three children, each 22 months apart. She sure is busy. I had to take a small moment to gather my composure as I looked at her little family and pondered the likelihood of it being me, in another couple of years.

Is my fate three boys?

Am I doomed for another quick pregnancy?

I am in two minds about it. On one hand I thought Milly had a lovely little set up. Over and done with. Who can complain about that? On the other, the practical side of it all seemed very hard. Three little boys all nagging at her. Needing her. I'm just not sure. Always good to meet people who give you a reality check though.

I took Nugget for a nudey swim (him, not me) at the beach before we were due to head off and he thought he was the ants pants. He jumped and splashed and sang out. There was some difficulty getting him to come out of the water however- you have got to love the temper on that kid. More fluorescent cake was eaten by all.

It is always nice to see The Ms and their family and friends. They are a great bunch of people and always good for a laugh.

BTW. We finally managed to measure Nugget and he is 91cm. All going to plan he will be about 184.5cm (6 feet 1) which will be lovely. We will just have to see if the calculations are correct.

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