Saturday, 21 April 2007

IVF success story

Doo Dah and I went to M-E's baby shower today at her place in Berowra. It was really nice to see her and to catch up with some of the speech pathologists from her work. Not to mention having the opportunity to play those terrible baby-shower games that I loathe (but secretly quite like) and eat lots of scrumptious tea-party delights.

The last time we saw M-E and M (in January) she was barely showing. She is now 32 weeks and looking much more pregnant (as you would expect). Nothing like a developing baby bump to mark the passage of time.

I still can't believe she is pregnant and how smoothly the IVF thing went for them. She said she would be pregnant in October, and dang it. She was. I don't know if it was the confidence with which she tackles life that makes things go so well for her, but it certainly seemed to fall easily into place. Compared to the horror stories that you hear, she has had a very good run. We gave them a cute little pink outfit (I had so much fun picking out the pinkest thing I could find).

Here comes little L...

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