Thursday, 19 April 2007

Party at Wiggles Play centre, Seven Hills

We planned at trip to Wiggles Play centre as a quasi party for Nugget's Birthday. While I think that a two year old really doesn't need a party, I figured a fun day out with his friends was in order. He has only ever been to one of these indoor play centres before, when he was about 16 months old, and while he enjoyed himself then, I suspected now was a better time to go. I was very right about that!

We went yesterday. All of his cousins came and some of the Mother's Group (MG) gang (Phoebe, Alana, Jess, Darcy and Natalie), as well as Jack M and Charlotte S.

The place is incredibly intense to say the least. A massive room full of slippery dips, ball pits, mirrors, jumping castles, big red cars and lawn mowers to push, all in Wiggles theme. Nugget was in Wiggly heaven. All of the children were. His big cousins, A and AJ, took him on to all of the play equipment and he was more adventurous than I have ever seen him.

The Mums were cursing me. The noise and level of activity was enough to stimulate anyone! The cake that I arranged from the centre was fluorescent blue and green and full of chocolaty goodness. Nugget was covered from head to toe. We all sang happy birthday and everyone had a turn at blowing out the candles.

It was a major extraction to get Nugget out of the building at the end of the party. As it turned out, I left my keys on the roof of the car and the car open the whole time were in the centre. We were very lucky though, the birthday gods were still protecting us.

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