Wednesday, 18 April 2007

The Royal Easter Show 2007 Edition

On the 17th of April (Doo Dah's 4 month birthday) we went to the Royal Easter Show with Nan and Grandpa. Nugget was rather impressed with the fast cars in the main arena and was completely enamoured with the Thomas the Tank train ride (he got to go on Henry with Grandpa), but the animal walk was less than exciting for him. He was happy to look at the piglets having "boozy juice", and interested in the cows being brushed with a "bacuum cweaner", but he didn't love the other animals at all really. Nan, on the other hand, loved all of the baby animals and insisted that we complete the entire walk. Both the Geege and his Dad were pretty over it by the end, and Nugget fell asleep on his dad's shoulder (a first for more than a year!) watching the dog judging but Nan, Doo Dah and I had a great time. Nan and I managed to disappear into the food hall to look at the vegetable pictures and slipped in a bit of wine tasting with George whilst we were there. We also chased through the show-bag hall and picked up a couple of beauties. Sadly, the wood chopping was over for the year so I didn't get to see my favourite event, but there is always next year.

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