Monday, 16 April 2007

Running late as usual...

A quick note before I duck out to get a pink slip for the car and visit a friend's brand new baby...

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the 4 of us.

Easter weekend (Wednesday 3 April - Saturday 7 April, 2007)
We went camping at Booti Booti NP (near Forster) with some mates (M&N, N&S, M&S, and M's brother H and his partner, S). It was a fantastic! Despite the rain, we managed to have a fabulous time. We had swims at the beach, walks in the bush, and lots of hands of poker and Uno.

Nugget had lots of fun meandering around the campsite, playing with "Rusty" and his tractor, playing in the mud, sand and puddles of water and bullying young A, N&S's little boy.

Doo Dah was somewhat out of sorts for the first couple of days (the switch to 3-days between poos has made him a little more irritable at times!) but got right into it thereafter. Not too bad for the poor little thing's first camping adventure.

We four all slept in the tent quite amicably - it is surprisingly roomy and, thankfully, waterproof. Listening to the sound of the rain on the tent was a wonderful way to go to sleep at night.

The mossies were pretty horrendous in the daytime. Their bite wasn't as itchy as one might expect - lucky because the two boys were covered from head to toe.

The wildlife was a little friendlier than expected - especially the monitor lizard that S decided to feed on the second day. It was I who had to save the campsite from the lizard when everyone else went down to the beach for a swim (I was babysitting). The Geege's thong was flung from one end of the communal tarp to the other with perfect precision, and managed to land on the lizard's head. I have never seen a goanna move so quickly! We didn't see or hear from him again.

The Geege and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary on Good Friday night. We all went down to the Paradise Palms Recky for a meal, a beer and some rugby viewing. The Geege and I had a "how's your life" moment. It was nice to mark the milestone but bizarre to think about how different life has become in the past couple of years.

Easter Sunday
Egg hunt at Casa Chalker.

Easter Monday - Friday 13, April
Trip to Nowra with the boys. The Geege worked all week but caught the train down to Wollongong on Friday to drive back with us. We picked up Pops at Waterfall atation on the way down. Apart from the fact that Nugget only slept for about 20 mins, the trip down was uneventful.

The weather was tops all week - barely a cloud in the sky. Gotta love autumn. We took full advantage of blue skies and sunshine with a couple of lovely walks along the beach at Huskisson. The Tuesday walk was just us, but the Wednesday we took Pops and Gran and their neighbours (C, F (2), and B&L (6 months)). It was a fantastic way to spend the mornings - refreshing. Nugget and F had a swim at the beach too which was fun and exciting for them. Nugget wanted more "fwops" as he calls the act of being flung into the water. It sure was nice to have the sand between my toes again so soon after the Booti Booti trip.

We also caught up with school friends S (with M (3) and W(18 months)) and T(with J (2) and S (6 months) during the week. They are always fun to be around and the advent of children just adds to the enjoyment. All the kids fought over the Uncle TICH truck - even as kids we know a good antique when we see one. Lucky for us, Uncle TICH's truck lives at Gran and Pops's place, so Nugget got first dibs. We went to T's place on Tuesday afternoon and saw the Silly Billies on Thursday with S. The Silly Billies is a musical entertainment group for the kids and, quite frankly, was the definition of atrocious. Nugget didn't even manage to get off my knee for one minute which gives you an indication of just how engaging they were. While he showed absolutely no interest in the whole thing whilst we were there, Nugget has been talking about the Silly Billies since. We won't be encouraging that little obsession.

T, Mum and I went out to the movies on the Thursday night (poor Pops got stuck babysitting). We saw Disturbia, a teen thriller flick lightly in the vein of Rear Window (a generous comparison). It was pretty ordinary but entertaining nonetheless as I haven't seen a movie at the cinema in some time.

Sunday, April 15 - Nugget's second birthday.
Nugget, Doo Dah and I spent the morning down at Bobbin Head with G (sans R), B&R and baby F (9 months). The Geege had to work because Helen is away in Albury visiting her sister who has just had a baby. We had a lovely morning picnic and catch-up. Nugget spent most of the time playing with his new trucks and trains (he is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine). R also took him to the playground for a run around, slippery dip and swing. He was a happy little chappy who sung 'happy birhtday' to himself most of the day. I'm not sure he is fully up on the meaning of birthdays, but he sure liked the presents! In the afternoon, he played in the sandpit at home with his Dad while Mum and Doo Dah did some gardening out the front of the house. The rockface is almost visible again, but my hands are full of blackberry prickles. All in all a low-key day for the boy who turned two.

We have another few activities of "Nugget fest 2007" organised with a trip to the Royal Easter Show and a play at Wiggle Playground. I will let you know how all of that goes.

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