Wednesday, 23 May 2007

The never ending virus

Funnily enough, the blog management site has morphed into speaking only Spanish since I was last here. I'm not sure why this is so. My two years of Spanish language tuition at university has served me well. Carmen would be proud of me! I am down with the lingo - "nuovo post" indeed.

I turned 34 on Monday. I feel every bit of a thirty-something at the moment because I have a terrible virus. It started as a cold, moved to laryngitis and finally diarrhea (sp?). The joys of it all. To top it all off, after having some relative success with the sticker chart and car reward system, Nugget is having a particularly bad sleeping week (i.e. he is not sleeping, day or night), so I am tired and over it all really. It is nice to grow older though - I no longer feel the need to be accountable for all of the crazy stuff that I did when I was in my late teens and early twenties. It was all long enough ago to be the past and I can laugh about stuff (oh the angst of it all).

We went to Wiseman's Ferry to celebrate my birthday with some friends at the weekend. We had a lovely time, although with 9 young children it was a bit overwhelming at times. Nugget's poor sleep peaked at about 10.30pm on Saturday night when the Geege went downstairs to check on him and found him riding the ride-on lawn mower! Very scary. The adults had a game of Cranium and a wonderful meal and it was lots of fun being around big people again!

So the update on the post baby body - I have lost 4kgs in the last month. All of a sudden the weight is starting to come off (along with my hair!). To be fair, I have tried to cut out the enormous amount of chocolate that I was main-lining! We are off to a wedding at Port Douglas (Far North Queensland - check out the location at ) in early June, so I decided to get my act together and try to get rid of some of the extra kilos before I have to wear a swimsuit again. Fear of "bearing all" seems to have been a good motivator for me! I shopped for a new outfit the other day too (first time in the stores for some time) - I found something that looks good even with me being bigger. Win-win.

I took a leaf out of Robyn's (from Mother's Group) book and decided to pick up some junk off the side of the road awaiting council pick-up. We were all out walking (now that I am on the weight-loss trail I do this walking business quite regularly again) and I spotted a cute little trike. It was like one I had as a child, and to be honest it was from that vintage I think. Metal. Plastic seat. Little bucket on the back to carry things in. I decided it would be a good idea to add this to the collection of bikes that Nugget has, so we picked it up and took it home. The Geege was reluctant because it was quite dirty. I convinced him that I would clean it up before Nugget had a ride and it would be all good. Of course, once Nugget caught sight of it he wanted to ride it straight away. We let him after he had a massive tantrum. Several days later, when Geege was cleaning it up (oops), he found a nest of red-back spiders! Three adults and millions of babies. It was unbelievable! I couldn't get over how lucky we had been that Nugget hadn't been bitten on one of his trial runs. I couldn't believe just how many spiders could live in such a small space. Very scary stuff. We still have the trike (sans the spiders now), but I don't think I will be a regular trash collector. We live and we learn...

Geege and I have been venturing out without the children of late. It has been wonderful. We went to my friend Luke's first gig (Ange is singing back-ups). It was at the Factory in Enmore and was such fun! Luke was fab and his sister's band (New Buffalo) is really great too. G and I had a wonderful time out with our friends. It was like life before the kids came along. Always nice to get a taste of the old life, just to remember how things were. We have also been out to a movie (Gold Class) for my birthday in the last few days (we saw "Zodiac"), so two outings without the boys. We really don't know ourselves. We do have one problem - Doo Dah won't take a bottle. At all. I have expressed 4 times now, but he refuses and gets himself into such a stressed out state. My poor sister-on-law has been having a awful time babysitting for us (you can imagine it can't you? Nugget getting in and out of bed all the time and Doo Dah screaming down the house wanting his breastfeed!) - I am surprised she has volunteered twice! We owe her big time!!!

I have been corresponding with my friend Susi in Germany. She "googled" me and got in touch. It is always so nice to be liked isn't it. She is a really great person, and was such a life-saver to me when I was in Germany. Anyway, it some recent email discussion she told me about a German word that I fell in love with. I love it the way German's have a word for everything. Wahlverwandtschaften is an awesome concept. It is the word for the group of friends who are not family but are like a family to you. We don't have a word for this in English, but I certainly have a Wahlverwandtschaft! Direct translation would be elected/chosen relationship, which really doesn't do the concept justice. If it weren't such a hard word to say I think it would be adopted into English - the way ueber has. This is the sort of thing I love about learning other languages. They fill in the gaps of life.

So my other news is that I am looking into a German speaking pre-school (Kindergarten) for the boys. I would really like them to have the option of learning another language (see above for an example of why), and figure that German would be a good one because I can at least help them at home too. I have all the information on the German International School which is in the area, the Geege has given his approval (even though the logistics will be difficult with both of us working) and now I just have to put in the enrollment forms. It is very exciting that they can have these opportunities, as we were never afforded them growing up in a small country town. I'm sure they will both be completely overwhelmed for the first few months, but children learn languages so easily and they will too.

Anyway, hopefully I will be back in the best of health in the next couple of days so I can return to my normal life. The Geege's Big Sis will be down from Tweed Heads this weekend, so it will be nice to see her. G is also off to the Buck's weekend for the wedding I referred to earlier. I don't expect him to be much help with the kids! The Hen's weekend is next week, so it will be pay back. I really need Doo Dah to take a bottle so I can go out for more than 3 hours!

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