Friday, 6 July 2007

Is nothing sacred?

We have been having the usual dramas with Nugget's sleep. He is in the bed, he is out again. It goes on for hours. At times we have been so overwhelmed with everything we have given him a light smack on the nappy - to break the cycle and get him to listen to us. It does seem to work and the threat of a smack is equally successful (to a point). In typical Nugget fashion though, he has decided to take matters into his own hands. He is now administering his own smacks! He's disciplining himself. Is nothing sacred?

When we first introduced praise, he would say "Good boy Noah" after every little thing he did so that this became a useless form of behaviour management. Then we introduced the "naughty corner" and before too long he started taking himself to the naughty corner after every little thing he did wrong. And now this - Self-discipline. You don't read about this in the baby books, but then, nothing Nugget has ever done has been well-represented in the baby books! He really is a fascinating child.

We love him dearly, smack him very rarely and still wish that something we did would help him sleep.

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