Sunday, 19 August 2007

Getting ready to go back to work

Things have become a bit more about me again lately. Dicky Nees has settled into himself a bit - he's eating well, having less boozie juices and, nearly, sleeping through the night. Nugget is even doing better with the sleeps - he skips the odd day sleep, still takes a billion years to fall asleep at night, but he is pretty much sleeping through the night too (most of the time). Geege and I don't know ourselves on those mornings when we wake and have had more than 6 hours of straight sleep.

The things you take for granted before you have kids!

So anyway, back to me (that is the problem when you are a Mum, you never get too far away in your thoughts from the children)...

I am going back to work. Very soon. 3rd September to be exact. I have very mixed emotions about it. I am excited to be returning to the workforce. I actually really enjoy working. I get real satisfaction from completing tasks, helping people and contributing to the community. Earning your own money is nice too.

The down side is the job that I am returning to. I have always liked my job as a speech pathologist. Some may even think that I love it. Really it is not the job that I am not looking forward to, but MY job. There have been a lot of changes in the workplace in the past couple of years. All of my pals have gone - Candice has a new job, Sarah is on mat leave, Liz left to work at the uni and Danielle left me ages ago for the greener pastures of Canada. So the first problem is that I don't really have any buddies at work.

And then there is the new boss (who got the job over me) who isn't really very inspiring (if you ask me, which you didn't, but I am telling you anyway). I am not bitter about her getting the job over me. REALLY I am not. It was the right decision for the organisation. I didn't even like the job when I was acting in it last year. It is just that the department isn't big enough for both of us. I know it and she knows it. She doesn't want to share the administration work, and I don't want to only do clinical work (my job is 40:60 anyway).

So, when I called her to tell her I was coming back to work, there was no "great!". Rather it was all about the locum in the department who she will have to tell is out of a job. Not overly welcoming.

And then there was the "I will be getting you to do the nursing home visits" comment! The way things worked when Liz and I lead the adult team, it was a case of "I thought I might do this, is that cool with you Liz?". She really never told me to do anything. I don't think she felt she needed to.

I don't think there will be much fun to be had under the new girl. I am not just being paranoid or neurotic (I did have a certain amount of dread about going back to work after having Nugget last year) but rather I think this is a genuine case of "poor team fit". *Sigh*

Hopefully I will not have to be there for long. I am applying for secondments into the world of health management (which I would be VERY excited to get). I will let you know how it all pans out.

On a brighter note, I still have two glorious weeks with the boys before I have to go back. Here's hoping we have an absolute ball!

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