Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Stuck in the grind

Life has been so busy since I returned to work and I have been completing my studies in my few spare minutes a day! Good news is that I have finished my Masters in Health Administration (yay) so will have an element of freedom in my life again.

Being back at work has been good. I have changed jobs! No longer a speech pathologist but an Education and Training consultant in the health service (Learning and Development unit). I am loving the change - I surprisingly do not miss my old work one little bit. I have to work 4 days a week but I have been doing one day a week from home, so that has been fun.

The boys are great. Doo Dah is one today! What a big boy. He is such a great little kid. Still not really a great sleeper at night (but I no longer have to breast feed him at night so that is an improvement). We are seeing a chiropractor with him at the moment.

I think I told you about the big bruise on his head when he was born? Well it seems that his coordination has been affected and he has been slow to move (started crawling only a few weeks ago) so we are having some work done. It seems to be working well, although he screams his lungs out when we are there (as does Nugget who cries in sympathy).

Nugget has been great. He is sleeping well at the moment. Many times a week he sleeps through the night!Miracles never cease. Geege and I still wake up every night because Nugget and Doo Dah seem to have bad nights on alternate nights, but we are all getting more sleep on the whole.

Nugget has grown so much lately. He looks about 3 1/2, has become more confident, tells stories about his life, chats to people he doesn't know very well and sings like a little angel. He is hysterical.

Nugget has adopted all of Doo Dah' s birthday presents as his own. Poor Doo Dah will have to fend him off when he gets big enough.

Geege and I have been doing a few renovations. He has put a deck on the back of the house and some paving. Our very sloping back yard is now much more functional for entertaining and for little boys on their bikes. It has been fun making improvements to our home. Geege probably thinks differently seeing as he has done all of the hard work!

We are spending Xmas with my family. Christmas eve we will sleep at the inlaws place and Santa will visit the kids there. Then we will drive to Sister B's place (she has moved 20 minutes from us to St Ives) and all the fam (and a few extras) will be there. It will be crazy - 6 grandchildren under 4 plus another little boy who is about 18 months old. Chaos. I'm looking forward to the celebration and the little holiday. I have 2 weeks off over Xmas/New Year. Geege will be busy with the tours, but he is having 4 or 5 days off with us too so that will be great. I plan to get to Nowra at some point (my friend S has just had her third child - Fleur- so I want to give her a big cuddle!).

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