Monday, 24 March 2008

A while since I blogged...

Life in the fast lane. Not real easy. Not much time to sit back and ponder and well, blog. All is well in Casa L (I have even managed to change the language on the blog management so it is no longer in Italian, so I really do feel special today!).

Doo Dah is 15 months old and making a serious attempt to walk. He took his first steps at least 3 weeks ago, but decided to do something more pressing about it on Good Friday (March 21). It is so sweet to watch him toddle and fall. He is so pleased with himself!

Nugget is 3 next month. He is so grown up. He plays well with others and alone, tells great stories (some are even vaguely truthful) and has just started the dreaded "why" - but why Mummy? Why indeed.

We are heading to the blue Mountains with the crew to celebrate his birthday (and Jack and Maxi Taxi's as they all fall within a few weeks of each other. Maxi and Jack will be 4 and Noah 3). We have been invited to a few little parties for other kids from Mother's Group. I can't face a party at the moment - too many politics. A weekend away is a good compromise.

Work is crazy busy. It is going really well. I have settled into the role now and have found that I really like it (wasn't too sure to begin with). I work 4 days a week. The boys are at Daycare 2 days a week and Geege is at home with them 2 days too. It works well, although I think Geege is going quietly mad with his stay-at-home Dad duties. We will have to see how it all goes as the year progresses.

Currently not pregnant and not breast feeding (for the first time in 3;9!). I did have a miscarriage on Feb 1 (at about 10 weeks) which was awful. The pregnancy was not really planned (again) and the timing would have been horrendous (we were due in August so Nugget would have only been 3;4) so I think this is all helping us cope with the loss.

At this stage I do feel a little guilty that I am not more heartbroken about it (shouldn't I feel as though the whole world has fallen apart?) - I am finding that I am being philosophical and practical (as always) and just getting on with things.

It has however, reinforced my need for another child and also makes me think even more strongly that I am not meant to have a daughter. You see, this year, everyone is having baby girls (and I was so certain that the baby we lost was a girl), so it seems that we will be back into the baby-making when it is time for more boys. Shame.

Best to get my head around that before we try for another baby.

Nugget is still not toilet trained, but that is another story for another day...

Must go - nappies to change, shower's to have...

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