Monday, 18 August 2008

Noah Nees is no longer

Geege and the boys went on an overnight trip to Wiseman’s Ferry on 16th August and Nugget came back saying his /l/ sounds (and all the other phonemes he needs). He has officially got his whole set of sounds – full adult speech ( in the most part). It is funny that he has got it – after all the la la sound “therapy” I have been sprouting and all the “that’s made with the sing-song sound, Nugget” comments I have made and he retorted “No Mummy”, he just got it. Just goes to show that you can’t teach anyone anything they really don’t want to learn.

But back to the overnight stay – without me! It was the first night I have ever spent away from Doo Dah and only the second from Nugget. I don’t think Geege got a wink of sleep (they all ended up sleeping together in his bed), but I had a lovely evening on my own. I actually had dinner with some friends, which was an already arranged engagement. It was so strange to wake up in the morning to a quiet, undemanding home! Even the Rube was missing from the scene. Bliss!

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