Thursday, 23 October 2008

A little scare - 27 weeks

The pregnancy has been going really well. We got through the 18 week scan with no signs of any trouble for either baby - phew. Apart from a few new stretch marks and the fact that I am huge and still have so long to go, it has been like my other pregnancies. That is until I had my little scare this week.

I had a day off from work to look after a sick Doo Dah (vomiting in the night). All went well and we had quite a relaxing day. In the evening, after I picked up Nugget from daycare and struggled through the evening routine (my least favourite time of the day), I started to get Braxton-Hicks. Lots of them, coming closer and closer together. My lower back started to hurt too - a mild period pain sensation. By the time Geege got home I had convinced myself that I was about to go into labour! After 2 hours, when the BHs were less than 5 minutes apart, I called the hospital and was asked to come in to be checked out. This was no simple matter - both boys were asleep and the grandparents were overseas in Canada! I think Geege secretly hoped I would drive myself, but soon realised that wasn't going to happen! Good ol' Auntie M to the rescue. We dropped the boys at theirs on the way to the hospital.

I ended up having to stay in overnight. After all the prodding I was certain that I wasn't in labour but the babies were so busy that the midwives couldn't get a decent trace on their heart rates for more than 5 minutes. The doctors wanted them traced for at least 30 mins! We all gave up at about 11pm, they asked me to stay so that I could do my ultraound in the morning. I spent a sleepless night in a far too skinny bed feeling a little silly.

The ultrasound went well the next day - both bubs are on the 75th percentile for weight, 1.27kg and exactly the same size (that is not them in the photo BTW. That is a random image I got off the 'net). I am rethinking my gut instinct that they are boy-girl twins (which I have because all the twins in the family are boy-girl sets). I was truly relieved to be still in tact, but it has made me realise that I can't guarantee these babies are going to stay in until we all think they are ready to come out. Better get onto that list of names...
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