Monday, 17 November 2008

Nan Nan's funeral

Geege's Nan passed away on the 15th November. 87 years old.

We have all been preparing for this day for a long time (she has been in a nursing home for about 5 years now) but it doesn't make it any easier when it happens.The boys and I spent the morning of 14th with her. Nugget was freaked out by her oxygen mask but managed to overcome his fear and come into her room. She smiled hearing them playing with their cousin Millie. Bina came back from overseas to be at the funeral, which was wonderful. It has been a hard time for the family, but they have all pulled together well and the funeral service was lovely, a real credit to them all.

Geege seems to be coping pretty well - I know how much he loved his Nan and he is such an emotional man. He cried a lot at the funeral and I think that did him the world of good. The boys stayed with Sister B so he was free to do what was needed. I just hope the two M's manage okay. Nugget's innocent take on things made me smile. On the morning of the funeral when we dropped him at Sister B's we told him we were going to say goodbye to Nan-nan. He said simply "She was sick and then she died".

In and amongst all of that, my teeth have been playing up. I had one wisdom tooth out about 4 weeks ago, but the real problem tooth (the one directly in front of the right bottom wisdom tooth) seems to have been slowly rotting away from the root - caused by the partially erupted wisdom tooth causing a huge cavity in the root of the tooth. I got myself into such a state of pain (with only Panadol to assist - completely inadequate) that I have ended up having both the problem tooth and the final wisdom tooth taken out on the night of Nan's funeral. I feel very "gappy" but it isn't really all that noticable to the naked eye, just a total bummer! I have lost 9 teeth altogether now (thanks to the joys of braces and wisdom teeth) so officially have fewer teeth than my nearly 2 year old son!

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