Saturday, 28 February 2009

9 weeks and exhausted!

I started this blog on 11.01.09 and am just getting back to it now! Life is pretty crazy here since the arrival of the twins on Xmas day (that is not them in the photo BTW). They were 36 weeks and 5 days gestation (so technically a little premature). Firstly the (impressive) birth stats:

Dew Drop was born first and weighed 3.24kg, was 50cm long.
Minx was born next and weighed 3.365kg, was 50.5cm long.

I went into labour on Xmas morning and had a C-section at 3pm. Because of my previous labours they didn't let me try for a natural delivery. Dew Drop was breech anyway so there was little hope of him coming out! The labour was very managable but I was a little annoyed to have to have any contractions at all! It was all sorted - i was meant to be having them on 5 Jan. The best laid plans... and now we have twins with birthdays on Christmas day. That will make Christmas festivities interesting forever more!

The first 6 weeks were absolute hell! Neither baby would sleep at night. They had 3 hourly feeds, day and night, but often didn't settle at all between feeds. I had about 2 hours sleep a day and was running on adrenalin. I think I thought I might die at times and found myself thinking of ways to "sell" my children in the wee hours of the night. I thought I had ruined my lovely life with these screaming babies giving me no joy and taking so much from me! Fortunately these feelings have passed...

I had lots of support from the family and the Geege (always had someone around to help) which was completely necessary given that I needed to recover from the C-section and couldn't lift any of the kids. Sometimes I felt like I just needed my own space, but on the whole I was totally grateful to have others there. Mum was a real trooper - she had as little sleep as I did, often sleeping with one or other of the twins in her bed. I really couldn't have asked for more from my Mum. I am one lucky girl to have such a special Mum :)

Our friends have been super generous with their time and energy too - we have had regular meals delivered and more clothes/gifts than 2 little babies could ever need. All the love and support has been a little overwhelming really. Geege and I must be doing something right for our friends and family to care so much! It is something that I will remember forever!

The last few of weeks have been considerably better. The twins have started to get the day and night thing better and have been sleeping a lot better too. I still find that I have one or the other screaming for a good few hours a day, but this is a lot better than the constant screaming we were dealing with. They are both smiling as of 6 weeks too, so that makes it more worthwhile. The breastfeeding is still 3 hourly during the day, but has pushed out to 4-5 hourly at night, so if I am lucky enough to get them both settled after a feed, i now get some 3-4 hour stretches of sleep at a time. This makes me a much happier Mum!

Nugget and Doo Dah are in love with their new brother and sister. Sometimes they are a little too enamored and can get too hands on with them (Doo Dah stomped on Minxy this morning trying to kiss Dew Drop on the head for example). They have both adapted fairly well although Nugget had some regression with the toilet training (since fixed) and Doo Dah is very clingy. We are lucky they are both good natured and fairly well disciplined because they have been pushing the boundaries but we are still managing okay with them.

Geege and I are both exhausted but can see a light at the end of the tunnel now. I think our family will be awesome in a few years, but until then we are just in for hard work! At least everyone is happy and healthy. I am off to Tresillian next week with the twins and feel this may be an opportunity to recharge the batteries a bit too. I hope to improve the twins routine, learn more about twin breastfeeding (especially how to do this in other places than my couch!) and discuss bathing! The poor twins don't get bathed very often at the moment!

I have also managed to get some "staff". We have two girls that come - Cassie on Monday - Wednesday and Laura, Thurs and Fridays from 4-6.45pm. They help me with the boys and keep the night time routine on track. The In-laws are helping us finance these girls, so we are truly grateful to them for that too!

There has been other stress in our world too - Geege lost his full-time job (he is still working casually) - a by-product of the economic downturn. We have also been having big (expensive) problems with our new (used) car. We bought a 2004 VW Caravelle in August to transport the troops and it is currently off the road with automatic transmission problems. We are having fights with the car dealership over honouring the warranty because it is estimated to need about $10 000 worth of work! It has certainly been challenging to be stuck without a car.

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