Friday, 27 March 2009

Starting to see the sky again...

The babies are three months old now. It feels like the longest and shortest three months of my life. When I think about how little sleep I have managed in the time, it makes me feel extremely weary (probably even wearier than I actually am!). It is all going surprisingly well though. Some days are too frustrating for words, days when the babies refuse to sleep or tag-team all day long or decide to spend 45 minutes feeding every three hours or just decide to feed every three hours all day and night. Today is Dew Drop's turn to be awake more than he is asleep. There is always someone having a bad day!

In between all of that, there are the other two boys who have ongoing needs. Nugget is one month off four and seems to have had a personality transplant overnight. He is just such a boy now! He lives in a fantasy land of robots, aliens, super heroes and the like. He is defiant. He shuts down when things don't go his way. He struggles to express himself when he is frustrated. He fights sleep. He chucks massive tantrums when he is tired (or tired of me!). It is all so very challenging and yet so very exciting. He is growing up and with all of these difficulties comes a more mature little mind. He asks different kinds of questions and tries to link things together to find a pattern in life. You can almost see him drawing conclusions and filing information away for later use. It is wonderful to witness and contribute to.

Doo Dah is his usual self - full of sunshine and cheek! He is such a funny kid that he even finds himself amusing and spends his life laughing at his own "jokes" (rather Simon Townsend like if you ask me). He has decided to start using the potty. While I am incredibly grateful for his interest (remembering that Nugget wasn't toilet trained until he was nearly 3 and a half!), I feel that this may be stretching the friendship just a little! It is so difficult to supervise a wee on the potty whilst simultaneously breast feeding twins! We are managing okay at the moment with only the odd wee on the carpet. Hopefully it will be a short and sweet stage. At least this is reducing the use of the cloth nappies so the twins have more to use in the day!

My other challenge really is keeping the house going. I have my girls (Cassie and Laura) who come in the afternoon from 4-630 to help out. The in-laws have been helping us to pay for this little luxury since the babies were about 8 weeks old and all my voluntary helpers dried up! This enables me to get a few jobs done and sort out dinner, while they mind the boys or bum-pat the babies. They are a saving grace and I really think I would have gone mental without them! Therese, the cleaner, comes once a fortnight too. She does the heavy cleaning jobs so at least the floors and bathroom get done some of the time! Without all of these people to help out, I don't think our house would function at all! Just getting the washing done, folded and put away (at least 10 loads a week), keeping the kitchen clean and the beds made and the toys in some kind of order is a full time job! I dread the day that I am on my own, but sadly it is nearing...

We have managed to get out a couple of times this month!

March 2-6 - Tresillian! The babies and I checked in for a week's residential. It was a great rest for me, but we didn't manage to achieve the twin's goals! The whole bum-pat/shh thing isn't very helpful for a busy Mum of four! I pretty much went right back to what I was doing before I went when I got home - at least the babies sleep some of the time that way! The only down side is that The Minx still sleeps on her tummy (and sucks her thumb!) and Dew Drop spends some of the day in the hammock. Sleep is sleep though I think. I have weighed up the SIDS risk and we don't have any of the other risk factors. Hopefully she will be okay (she has been able to roll off her tummy onto her back since 8 weeks so I think she can get herself out of trouble if need be).

March 14 -We went to the Twins Plus festival at Taronga Zoo with Auntie B, Billy and co which was really great! The twins won a gift voucher for being the youngest twins in attendance. The boys really loved the animals (especially the chimps I think) and the train rides. Personally I thought we spent too much time with the seals (I hate seals) at the jeapody of the more interesting animals :)

March 21 -We had the Mothers Group 4 year old birthday party. It was at Ruddock park in Westleigh. The kids had a superb time! The babies were well behaved too - Geege and I carried one each in a Bjorn and they were very happy with themselves. I thought it was a great idea for ensuring peace and the opportunity to catch up with the other families however, failed to remember that you can't sit down on the ground when wearing a baby in a Bjorn! My back was pretty sore at the end, but nothing that an Epsom Salts bath didn't fix!

Anyway, I have babies to settle and a shower to have (it is only 1330!)

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