Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The month in review - April 2009

April summarised in 10 points:

1. Nugget turned four! Huh! No longer the mother of "four-under-four". We had a wonderful time celebrating. He had a Spiderman themed party and there were a sea of Spidermen playing pass-the-parcel, statues, musical mats and the like. He managed to scoop the pool with his gifts again and was very happy with his bike, Optimus Prime transformer and various Ben 10 figurines and watch.

2. Nugget has decided to toilet train at night. This has been a bit hit and a lot miss, but we are establishing strategies now that seem to be keeping the sheets dry!

3. The babies turned 4 months! They are getting bigger, smiling and giggling, sleeping a little better (the Minx is far superior to Deew Drop at this point in time with regards to sleeping) and attempting to roll over (the Minx can from tummy to back since 8 weeks) and sit up. They are so alert now and love the attention their big brothers lavish on them (Doo Dah can get a little keen and practically lies on top of them).

4. Doo Dah is toilet training. He has been very successful for a young thing, but we are still getting days where he wees all over the house! Frustrating! And, unlike Nugget who NEVER pooed in his undies, Doo Dah is quite partial to a random poo too which is most unattractive all on levels.

5. We have been to many fun birthday parties for the Mother's Group crew. The boys have enjoyed playing the party games, riding their bikes on the bike tracks at the various parks we have been going to and especially the lolly bags they get to take home at the end of the day!

6. I enjoyed my first "High Tea" at the Sir Stamford Hotel for my friend Robyn's 30th birthday. Although there were more car dramas, resulting in me having to leave Minxy at home despite being prepared to take her with me, it was a lovely ladies afternoon of decadence.

7. Mum and Dad have been away in WA for the month.

8. The household has had many illnesses - diarrohea, colds, sore throats, coughs, and random viruses. A complete joy!

9. The Geege has still been looking for different work - with the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) there isn't much work around of course, so this has continued to be a frustrating process. He enrolled in the Certificate IV Training and Assessment to open some doors in the future, but at the moment things haven't changed much for him from a work perspective.

10. We have survived another month with four children with our sense of humour mostly in tact!

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