Monday, 27 April 2009

People don't eat those fish, they are for the penguins!

Why are children's thoughts so obsessive? I am sure it is a developmental thing (some don't seem to grow out of it though do they?) but it is enough to drive a person mad!

Doo Dah is currently obsessed with knowing where everyone is all the time. Including our dog Ruby who hasn't lived with us since the babies were born, so who bloody knows what she is doing at any one given moment!

He starts the day with "Where's Daddy?". My usual response is "At work". This is followed up with an, hourly request for the whereabouts of his beloved father. I started to respond with "on the moon" or "in the trees" but alas he is too quick for that. "Daddy not on the moon" he says. Followed by "Where's Daddy?". Arghhh!

Nugget is past the truly obsessive phase and into the know-it-all, righteous one. For example, yesterday whilst watching the Foxtel children's channel, a strange yellow puppet called Ollie was singing a song about healthy foods.

Nugget pipes up with "I like healthy food, but I don't like broccoli".

I respond with an encouraging comment about big boys trying new foods and growing big and strong. Next thing a series of food starts scrolling across the screen behind Ollie's head, including an image of a whole fish. Nugget begins to laugh.

I ask him what is up and he says "People don't eat those fish, penguins do!". Bless.

These same little boys, with their fixed ideas and crazy obsessions seem to be able to pick up the words of songs faster than I do. They pipe out the words of Justine Clarke's latest CD when I am still struggling with the choruses. Oh to have cerebral plasticity again! I'm guessing they must have got that ability from the Geege (as I am a known song make-r-uper-a) but the sleep deprivation is probably not letting my aging brain function at its full potential either.

It is a shame they don't seem to be able to put those good listening ears into use when I ask them to do something however. I am not sure that the skill will carry over to schoolwork or be at all useful for them in the big picture!

At least they will be able to sing along to the radio (if this medium continues in the future?) and not make idiots of themselves like their mother.

How do you cope with your children's obsessive questions?


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, earplugs and a tape recorder of "ask your father when he gets home" ?

Kim H said...

LOL! Lovely and funny post, as always. I missed this one when it was first posted so i'm so glad yo Rewound with it:) x

Seana Smith said...

Hello! How great to be your first comment on this post... and I have plenty to say on this topic!

My kids repetitive questions and obsessions are extremely wearing, and when all four of them are talking about them at the same time, my poor brain scrambles then fries and then is totally burnt out.

The biscuit is well and truly taken my my Teen14 who has that handy dash of autism spectrum thrown into his mix and is the obsessive par excellence. Currently heavy metal music, girls' bosoms and the TV series The Inbetweeners.

Such an excellent role model for his younger siblings!

Emily said...

Cute story! Ashleigh's too young for big questions at the moment, but her favourite is of course "More?". Thanks as ever for hosting the Rewind!

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