Monday, 1 June 2009

Moving right along

five months = 152.184249 days

We have been starting to get back into life a bit more this month. The bubs are sleeping better which is allowing us to make a few plans and attend a few functions. It feels good to be out and about, although it really is bloody hard work to get out the door.

This month we had our first night out since the bubs were born! We went to M-E's 40th birthday on the 9th (house party with a backyard band! Whoo hoo! It was like old times, except a bit more sober!) and Auntie M and Ash minded the troops. It went well I think, although I can't see them putting their hands up again in a hurry. All that responsibility!

Mother's day came and went a bit. I was sick (sore throat), the Geege worked and the grandparents came and took the boys to Aunty M's for the traditional scones. I stayed home with the bubs and slept when I could. I did get some nice gifts including Icebreaker socks and a gift voucher at the local beautician's.

We spent my birthday week down at Wiseman's Ferry. It was lovely. Auntie B, Billy and their kids and C&K and their kids all came down for the weekend. We had a hoot. Good food. Good wine. Good company. You can't really go wrong can you! The bubs were complete pubes for the weekend, but even that didn't dampen the spirits too much. The weather was shite too, but that didn't even bother me that much (big house). The rain was actually horizontal on my birthday. I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like it! Bina took some family photos while we were down there too. Apart from Nugget's little tantrum (he hates being told how to smile for photos), that all went well and we have a pretty good shot of the six of us for posterity.

Gran came up for a visit in the last week of May (for my birthday) and we did some shopping. That was pretty confronting (size 16!) but great. Tragically all I wanted was some tracky dacks. We got me a couple of "dress" tracksuits and a lovely red coat. I hope I don't fit into any of them next year (except the coat)!

And today was taken up attending baby showers. Mish and the Prof's little baby girl is due towards the end of July and R&G's bub in the middle of July. We had such fun catching up with everyone at both of the functions. Mish had a traditional "girls only" do and the R&G had a family fun day. I pretty much saw all of my friends today. It was great!

So at the end of month five, things are okay. I am tired, starting to get a bit bored, but definately appreciating my lovely big family.

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