Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Six months and counting

Everything has gone pear shaped this month. Bloody Dew Drop just won't sleep. He is catnapping day and night. The Minx is sleeping through the night from time to time now, but Dew Drop is up every hour! It is awful and I am ready to ... well I don't really know what to do!

It has been a pretty busy month. We finally had our day in court over the whole Big Red Bus business. The Geege settled with John Thomson for half-half payment of the new transmission, so that was a good outcome. It was so nice to get closure and especially nice to have our story listened to.

The Geege's tour work has died. There are no tourists in Sydney it seems! He has had to start working at Snowgum again to help us make ends meet. He enjoys the work, but not the pay! Retail is not really a very well-paid industry. I thought Tourism was bad! He has started thinking about opening his own Outdoor store, or maybe buying Adventure Outdoors (where C works). He has also applied for (and gotten into) university to do Teaching. I think the self-employed option will win in the end, but I can't help but wish that he would take up the teaching. You know, security, no weekend work, off for the school holidays... it doesn't sound like The Geege does it? We have already had a million arguments about all the stress associated with running your own business (especially one that is not profitable for the first 3 years!) - I hope our marriage makes it through all of this. Teaching just seems so much more suited to family life don't you think?

Mother's group has a ladies weekend away. I organised us a house at Mount Victoria. I was so looking forward to it! Six women, two babies (both mine). How good was it going to be? The house was pretty good (a little on the cold side, although there was that reverse cycle air-conditioner we discovered late on Sat night that might have improved the temperature of the house for the weekend!) But the babies were terrible. I had no sleep for two nights before we went and then they didn't sleep at all the two nights we were away. No sleep day or night. I was in tears by Sat afternoon - overtired and over it! I did get a couple of moments to myself including a walk in the bush, and we did have lunch out both days and yummy take away dinners, and the company was really good (except Lara who was obnoxious and showing concerning signs of PND) so I suppose it wasn't too bad. Just very different from the weekend I was hoping to have I suppose.

I started the babies on solids this month (one week before they were 6 months old). They have both taken to it like a duck to water. So far it has not made much difference to Dew Drop's sleeping, but the Minx has cemented her tendency to sleep through the night and is doing it 3-4 nights a week now (just not when we are away hey sweetie?). I haven't seen much reduction in the number of breast feeds either yet. We shall see...

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