Friday, 31 July 2009

40 minute catnaps

These photos will make more sense as the post develops - my skills in uploading photos are infantile and require more work at this stage.

Doo Dah - after frenulectomy                                                                                        Doo Dah- before frenulectomy

So we are 7 months in now. The Minx and Dew Drop are getting easier but life remains one big challenge. I took the bubs to the clinic for their 6 month check up on July 7th. All is well although I then had to take the Minx to see a paediatrician (July 14th) to check her hand movements out. She was doing everything backwards with her hands. The paediatrician wasn't concerned but when the Early Childhood Nurse mentioned "ruling out cerebral palsy" you find yourself worrying. A lot. Fortunately everything is okay but a little delayed. I think all of my children have been delayed in the movement stakes, so it just probably makes her part of the gang.

A summary of the last month:

Dew Drop - Sleeping through the night rarely. Mostly 2 night breast feeds (10ish and 2ish) and 4 day feeds. Eating 3 meals as well (he has hollow legs I think!). Catnapping in the day (only 40 minutes) although occasionally will have a 2 hour sleep in the middle of the day. Remains on the 25th percentile for weight. 75th for length. Still not rolling. No teeth. Rocks self in the rocker chair. Grips well and moves things from hand to hand. Social and chatty (no specific babble consonants, but squeals, giggles and changes vowel sounds).

The Minx - Sleeping through the night mostly. Sometimes 1 night feed. 4 day feeds. Eating 3 meals well. 3 catnaps per day - 40 mins. Impossible to resettle. 75th percentile weight and height. Rolling back to front. Improved hand function - grips well now and changes things from side to side (although not as easily as Dew Drop). Social and chatty (ba, da, gi). Bottom teeth through today!

Nugget - Sleeping in our bed most of the time due to sickness initially (he had a 7 day virus with temps over 40), now "growing pains". Working on getting him back into his bed! Starting to prepare him for school as we have decided to send him next year. Has learnt most of his letters now and mastering counting numbers beyond 20. Improved self-help skills although still needs encouragement to dress himself. Has been dealing with the testosterone influx. Describes himself as "angry" or "grumpy" much of the time. Has had lots of playdates and is playing well with other kids. Is quite delightful much of the time (albeit a little touchy-feely for my taste).

Doo Dah - Had his tongue-tie released at the dentist early in the month. Despite the worry building up to the day (mine not his) the procedure went very well. The worst bit was that he bit his tongue while it was anaethetised! He was a little sorry for himself for a few days afterwards; the fact that he got the 'flu didn't really help. Boys develop Manflu very early in their life it seems. He is still getting used to speaking with his "new" tongue, but I can already tell that his speech is clearer. He has also had a huge language burst in the past month and is now using conjunctions and comparatives. He is learning to dress himself, drinks from a "normal" cup and is very interested in helping me with the daily chores (this sounds better than it is!). He is still mostly playing on his own (except with Noah) but is starting to play games with other kids too.

The Geege - Has been working on the outdoor store business idea. Has now registered a company and thought of the name Camp, Hike & Climb. He is in the process of negotiating leases for a property in Turramurra. Still working for Helen doing the tours when he can.

Me - Just trying to keep it all together. The sleep deprivation is better but ongoing. It seems unbelievable that a person can endure so many years of sleepless nights and remain sane. This has made me think that maybe I am in fact insane? Recently have had the need to have some time to myself (surprise, surprise!). Had a bushwalk with a (chatty) friend yesterday which was great! So good to be out in the bush. The Minx came with me (backpack) so I wasn't entirely child-free but near enough! Am needing to do something about my stomach region. Hernias not going away on their own and the whole area is so weak, protruding and broken. Am going to try a physiotherapist who specialises in pilates first, but think it will be a surgeon who helps me in the end :(

Whole family - The good thing is we have had lots of time together. The bad thing, we have no spare money to do anything too fun. We got ourselves a new cleaner (K) after T broke her wrist. The girls are still coming Mon, Tues and Fri, so that is helping us keep on keeping on. Life is pretty good. Routine, but good. Groundhog day, but good.

'Til next time...

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