Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Getting on with it

September has been a pretty nice month for us. The twins are becoming more interactive, generally sleeping better, and we have got a pretty good groove now. I am feeling more positive - it is starting to feel like, "is it September already? Where has the year gone?". I think this is a good change. So the update:

Dew Drop - clapping. Waving.
The Minx - sitting on her own. Clapping.
Nugget - playdates with a few mates from Daycare in the lead up to school. We thought that creating friendships outside of Busy Bears might help keep us all in touch next year.
Doo Dah - humming along. In the big boy bed now. Still has dummies - not quite sure how to handle that little problem :(
The Geege - Business continues to progress. Should be open by end of October. Organised to have our wills sorted. A very morbid process but glad we have someone to leave our mortgage debt to!
Me - Visit to surgeon (Dr Middleton) on 29/09. Will need surgery early next year to sort out "the bulge". Big hernia around the umbilical area. Not really looking forward to it (about 3 weeks to recover apparently) but it will be nice to have a stomach muscle again. There is a lot to be said for "core stability". Missed M's baby shower due to Nugget having a random virus (high temps for about 5 days) - feeling annoyed about this but it is all part of being a "Mum".
Until next time,

Saturday, 5 September 2009

That's the ticket!

August was a pretty good month for the L crew.

It started with a pretty awful week in Nowra. That is probably a bit harsh, but noone slept which meant I was up all night (the Geege stayed in Sydney) and I was single parenting. Mum and Dad were helpful at feeding us and doing our washing, but the responsibility of four children really did my head in (did I mention the lack of sleep? Some nights I was up 8 times! Two nights I had all four kids screaming in unison in the middle of the night! Horrendous). The up side was that we saw the V, the McDs and the Nowra neighbours and the boys had a lovely time playing with all the kids. We also had a few trips to the park to feed the ducks (and get attacked by the awful geese) and a jaunt out to the beach to see Mez. Things returned to "normal" immediately upon returning home. The children are just not the sort that you can take anywhere and have them sleep "like babies".

All the Ls are progressing well in their different arenas. August highlights/challenges:
The Minx - got two teeth. Started rolling all over the place to move. Not sitting on own just yet. Mostly happy/smiley but can be whingey by afternoon. 40 minute cat-naps may have something to do with it! Eating really well.
Dew Drop- started sitting on his own. No rolling to be seen. Really coming into his own. Better day sleeps (usually at least one 2 hour sleep). Generally pretty content. Still waking for feeds at night. Improved eating. Forward facing car seats! Hooray.
Doo Dah - started pooing on the toilet. Yay! Many tantrums. Boo! TV obsessed. Boo! Still falling over a lot - should I be worrying about this?
Nugget - started dressing himself consistently. Poos in his night nappies (on purpose) to gain attention. Changed routine and is now going to bed a little later than DD. Nug loving this. DD not so much - refer above. I have many a giggle at Nugget at the moment. He sounds just like me. "That's the ticket", "Sure do, Shauna", "Ouch I kicked my toe on that bloody toy". He really is hysterical!
The Geege - the business is progressing. Property secured. Logos done. Website started. Finances received. Not long now people.
Me - I have been getting out of the house more consistently with the kids. Attended a few playgroups and caught up with some friends. Pretty happy about that although the effort to get everyone into the car is sometimes enought to keep me at home! On the downside, it is the eighth month. Eight months of 3-4 hourly breastfeeding. Eight months of broken sleep. Eight months of being stretched beyond my limits. Eight months of I hit a big lull this week. I have identified that I am the family's slave and I really had a sense of loss of person this week. Who the hell am I these days? I know that I am a Mum (of varying skills, dependent on amount of sleep had and amount of support received). I know that I am a wife (thankfully with a very understanding and helpful husband who isn't too demanding). I know I am a friend (although my duties in the world of friendship have become progressively virtual, and distance-based in most cases). I am also an Auntie, daughter, daughter in law, sister, colleague etc. but I really don't know who I am. I don't seem to exist beyond those roles anymore. I am starting to miss myself. I find myself saying things like: I used to be cool or I used to be funny. I am pretty lost (smothered?) in the overwhelming workload that is my life. I don't feel depressed about it or anything. I just notice and wish for a little bit of appreciation - silly really considering the people I am "slaving" over are less than four years old on the whole and completely unaware of my needs anyway.

Chin up hey? At least I have my appendix. B has just had hers out.

On that note, I will be seeing a surgeon later in September to assess the state of my stomach after the twin pregnancy. All the hernias etc are starting to cause me issue. Will report more on that once I have been.

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