Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Getting on with it

September has been a pretty nice month for us. The twins are becoming more interactive, generally sleeping better, and we have got a pretty good groove now. I am feeling more positive - it is starting to feel like, "is it September already? Where has the year gone?". I think this is a good change. So the update:

Dew Drop - clapping. Waving.
The Minx - sitting on her own. Clapping.
Nugget - playdates with a few mates from Daycare in the lead up to school. We thought that creating friendships outside of Busy Bears might help keep us all in touch next year.
Doo Dah - humming along. In the big boy bed now. Still has dummies - not quite sure how to handle that little problem :(
The Geege - Business continues to progress. Should be open by end of October. Organised to have our wills sorted. A very morbid process but glad we have someone to leave our mortgage debt to!
Me - Visit to surgeon (Dr Middleton) on 29/09. Will need surgery early next year to sort out "the bulge". Big hernia around the umbilical area. Not really looking forward to it (about 3 weeks to recover apparently) but it will be nice to have a stomach muscle again. There is a lot to be said for "core stability". Missed M's baby shower due to Nugget having a random virus (high temps for about 5 days) - feeling annoyed about this but it is all part of being a "Mum".
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