Friday, 30 October 2009

Camping in Rocktober and all things Camp Hike Climb

We had a lovely camping trip over the long weekend. We had it planned for months on end. Many of the families piked at the last minute because the weather forecast was terrible. It did rain the entire time, but somehow it didn't really bother us. Just a light smattering most of the time. The kids gumboots got a work-out and I had about 8 loads of washing to do when I got home, but it was worth it. Where's your sense of adventure people?

We ended up going to Newnes, near Lithgow, with the Ms, Ls and Fs. It was tops! 8 adults and 10 kids 5 and under. The children all had a ball - what is not to like? Puddles. Sticks. Rocks to climb. Caves to explore. Mud to stomp in. A child's heaven. The adults had fun too. We had time to do some walking, reading, eating, scrabbling, drinking, toasting marshmellows on the campfire, playing footy with the kids, adult conversation, sleep ins.. really it was superb.

I just love the bush and the way it makes me feel so alive, earthy and connected. I really miss this a lot of the time. I can't think of a way to get out there more often - unfortunately I can't strap 2 babies to my back. It will have to wait another couple of years I think. In the meantime, these small snippets will have to keep me going. Keep me breathing.

The camping seemed to revitalise us a bit. We managed to actually catch up with a few old mates this month. We had Millie S's birthday party and a BBQ at the Ms with a heavily pregnant Sam. It is nice to socialise and really great to step outside of the box to do it. We also celebrated our wedding anniversary. It was a challenge to get out - the boys went to Nan and Grandpa's and Auntie M minded the twins at her place. We were so tired we really would have loved to have just gone to sleep for a few hours of uninterrupted slumber, but, as we don't really get out much these days (understatement), we made the most of the babysitting and went out for a tasty Vietnamese meal.

The summary of the family:
The Minx - waving. More content although glimpses of separation anxiety. Still sleeping well.
Dew Drop - no change. Speed hump. Happy in the day. Terror in the night.
Nugget - preschool orientation. Pretty sure he won't be going there. School feels right. Getting more and more interested in reading and learning. "What does that say?" "What does 'boring' mean?" Amazes me with his memory and analytical brain. Annoys me with his tantrums (temper) and laziness.
Doo Dah - Still flying under the radar most of the time. He is such a contented little thing, it is hard to think of anything to write about him. I must remember this when he goes to school and we get his report cards :) Getting more coordinated, although had a terrible stack on the end of the bed and ended up almost losing his front tooth. It moved and it bled, but it is still there (3 visits to the dentist later). The dentist thinks all should be okay although the next tooth may take some time to come down.
The Geege - C started work for Camp Hike Climb this month. It is all guns blazing and the fit out has started. Barefoot Builders are doing the job. M is gorge. J is driving me mad (love him to bits but glad I don't have to work with him). Greg is stressed but seems happy. I still wonder about the timing of this (puts a LOT of pressure on him, our relationship and me) but it is too late to pull the pin now.
Me - I have been helping the Geege with the business where possible, evacuating the house with the 4 kids as much as possible so that he and C can work (they are still in the house), and not getting much time to myself. Pretty tired at this point.

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