Saturday, 28 November 2009

Angst over the human speed hump

I have had a couple of troubled days worrying about Dew Drop. He is just sitting there. He seems to want to move but really doesn't have a clue how to move his body. I think he may be wanting to bum shuffle because he is doing this bouncing thing on his bottom. All I think of is Greg and walking at 23 months. This can't be the case can it?

With the family history I really haven't been at all worried until my last blog post when I realised that he really is 11 months old and he really can't even roll over. God, I must be a terrible mother to have not even given this a thought.

I am going to call the Early Childhood centre on Monday and try to get an appointment (I am dreading this after the last appointment with the nurse making the cerebral palsy comment about the Minx) to see the paediatric physiotherapist.

It doesn't help that he has his aged-matched peer zipping all over the place. I probably needed to be more persistent with "tummy time" - he has always hated it. Oh God! What if there is something wrong with him? I can hear the health professionals now saying ' He's eleven months and not crawling yet. He can't even roll over and it has taken her 11 months to bring him in'.

Oh well. It isn't about me. It is about my precious boy and I really need to make sure that he is okay. Just a bit slow off the mark (like the rest of them). I mean Doo Dah wasn't crawling yet either. I don't remember if he was commandoing or anything. Dew Drop isn't. He is redefining speed humps.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Welcome to the class of 2023!

So we have started school. Well, Nugget has. The orientation program for Hornsby Heights Public School took place this month. Nugget thought it was fab! The Geege and I attended the parent orientation while he met his "buddy". I was pretty happy with the school. Considering how close it is to our house, I never really thought about where the kids might go to school. It was always going to be there, but I was secretly impressed with the school program, organisation and opportunities offered to the kids. Phew.

After the orientation morning, Nugget and I attended a couple of other times. We did computer class, library, music and an interactive whiteboard class. School has sure changed since I was there! I think the whole interactive whiteboard thing must be a bit new because they were all very impressed with themselves while they used it. Funny.

The twins started talking this month. One day apart. The Minx said "Jakie" and Dew Drop said "Mumma". I don't know which one set my heart aflutter more! The Minx also got a couple more teeth and Dew Drop (finally) got his first one. The Minx got on the move on Nov 2 (commando) and then perfected the crawl on Nov 10. Dew Drop remains stationary. None of the kids have set the world on fire with their gross motor skills - Nugget crawled a week before he was ten months, Declan at 11 1/2 months, and now, the Minx at 10 1/2 months - but I think Dew Drop will be the slowest. He still hasn't even rolled over yet. Not sure if I should be worried. Will let you know next month :)

I started editing the HKHMBA Newsletter last month (November is my first issue but I wrote it in October). It feels good to be using my brain a bit. I have to do a little column in it, so I will post those in here too.

We had a trip to Nowra again. Al was away on a cruise (don't ask!) so we stayed at her place. R and her kids came with us for a few days. It was fun. We got to the beach and the pool and caught up with some friends and, of course, saw as much of Gran and Pops as we could. I was pretty stressed out when we arrived (Nov 11) due to having too much on (The Geege's work mostly), but it was a really nice break and I felt quite refreshed on my return. A change of scene is rarely a bad thing when you have 4 small children I have been discovering. As long as they sleep okay, anything is possible.

Until next time
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