Tuesday, 29 December 2009

And they are off

I have mentally been preparing for this Weight Watchers (WW) program since I found out I was one of the chosen bloggers at Kidspot.com.au. I decided the best way forward was to get the bad food obsessions out of my system by indulging them. Chocolate. Check. Chips. Check. Beer. Check.

I ate enough treaties over Christmas to create a staggering initial weigh in result, up three kilos on my usual weight! All those rumballs and Mum's rocky road! The only way is down for me now...

So the gist of the WW program is that it gives all foods a Points value so that you can keep within a total number of Points for the day. It is like calorie counting only much easier because you just have to add up to 20 or so. In my case, 27 (because I am breastfeeding they give me a few extra points so I can choose normal calcium-based products instead of low-fat).

The way to stay motivated is to set little goals along the way, so I have come up with a few goals for the next 12 weeks.

Firstly, I want to lose 8kg, which will bring me into the 70s, and very close to my pre-babies' weight. My plan is to eat less, track my points, drink more water and to exercise. It sounds easy on paper. I will have to see how it goes in practise. I am still not 100% sure how I will squeeze the exercise in, but I am going to try to get the heart rate up at least 3 times a week.

So, December 28 was Day One. I made it through the day, even though I wasn’t in my normal habitat and relied on others to feed me for some of the day.

It was not without its hiccoughs though.

I had to weigh in on Mum’s scales as we were away for Xmas. I spent a few minutes recovering from that. Then I couldn’t get to a computer, so I had to manually track points. Note to self – guestimating is not going to cut it! But the real challenge was the birthday party I went to in the morning.

Sister A is a great cook. You know, the Nigella Lawson baking Domestic Goddess type of yummy? I attended my 6 year old nephew's birthday party and was faced a sea of delights. A chocolate Star Wars cake (with little R2D2 figurine), a dozen fluffy scones, and a bowl of lollies! All of life’s food temptations staring me in the face!

I had two choices - turn and walk away from the food table (have you noticed that you never really see thin people milling around the food table at parties?) or make a reasonable choice from a bad bunch.

I never really pictured myself standing around at a birthday party looking up Points in my (borrowed) Weight Watchers book, but what was a girl to do? You can't miss out entirely on the amazing baking on offer, can you? But what was the best selection? Low Points but tasty.

It turns out that a scone, with a little jam (no cream) is a 3 point snack, while a slice of chocolate mudcake constitutes my entire day of Points, so I went with the scone! It was delicious. Difficult, but not impossible, to stop at one. Looking forward to another one another time. But not today.

The rest of my day went without incident. Today I must shop for the family. I will spend some of this afternoon checking out some of the 1000s of recipes on the Weight Watchers site and putting together a shopping list, and then I will brave the masses at the supermarket. And shop like a thin person.

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