Thursday, 10 December 2009

Are Mum's allowed to get sick?

I went out with some girlfriends last night for some pizza. We had a lovely time but as I was getting ready to leave at the ripe old time of 9.50pm, I started getting stomach cramps. Oh-oh.

I have a long (boring) history of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the familiar pains meant that I knew I had to get home. Pronto.

So, I walked in the door, straight to the bathroom and then off to bed after a few words with my husband.

Only, it wasn't IBS that I was experiencing because this morning I am completely exhausted with sore joints, a sore tum and a headache. I have brought a virus into the sanctum!

The thing is that it seems that as a Mum I'm not really allowed to be sick. I meant, physically I AM sick, but the barber has to keep on shaving if you know what I mean?

There is breast feeding, breakfasts to prepare, children to get dressed and "ready" for the day, the vacuuming to do, the dishwasher to unpack - need I go on?

My husband did his share of chores this morning and then went to work. And here I am with my sore head and my achy limbs dealing with my four small children. When would a Dad ever experience this level of parenting joy?

The upside is that this too will pass. I will make it through the day. So what if the big boys watch a little too much TV for the day? So what if I use disposable nappies for the day? So what if I don't get all the housework done? We will survive the day.

The downside is that not only do I have to feel the love of this virus myself for the next 24 hours but I will probably have to nurse my children through it too! Days of whingey babies ahead of me. Oh joy!

But, for today there will be only one whinger allowed in this house. The one who is sick and who can't spend the day in bed where she would like to be.

That whinger would be me.

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