Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Are they twins?

I went on a big walk this morning (refer here for motivation) with my twins and (nearly) 3 year old after dropping my 4 year old at daycare. We ended up at the shops and, at this time of year, it is a dangerous place to be with a BIG pram.

The stores are rarely wide enough for a single stroller, let alone the big rig. The number of things that we had to dodge just to get to the counter in the post office would make your head spin. And the people. There are so many more people to weave through. Happy little Christmas shoppers everywhere!

I was asking for trouble when I entered the shopping centre.

I actually have 3 hand-me-down prams, all twin style, and the one I was using this morning has the added benefit of a toddler seat on the front. It is enormous! It attracts a LOT of attention. More attention than a woman in her white trainers and comfy pants would ever purposefully ask for.

So we circuited the shops doing a little more Christmas shopping trailed by a sea of comments:

"You've got your hands full there, love";

"Oh, are they all yours?";

and (this morning's favourite uttered by a large beer-bellied elderly gentleman with a particularly sleazy expression) "Have you worked out how it happens yet, love?".

You just get so sick of the comments! What's it to you, anyway?

Today I also had a ridiculous number of people ask me if my B/G twins are in fact twins. They really do not look a thing alike granted, but they are the same age, same size and sit side-by-side in a pram. What else are they going to be? Who would be mad enough to take someone else's kid Christmas shopping?

There really is a societal expectation that twins need to be matching. The reality is that fraternal twins have the same chance of being similar as regular siblings. They too can be chalk and cheese. Fair and dark. Tall and short. You get what I mean?

So let my shopping excursion be a lesson for us all.

Do not go to the shops with three small children in a pram unless you are prepared to wear a T-shirt explaining your life story on it.

Do not attempt to Christmas shop with three small children in a big pram.

And do not have twins unless they are identical because it is too hard for people to understand the concept of fraternal twins.

And if you do have identical twins, be prepared for the inevitable "Are they twins?" because even mothers of identical twins spend their lives answering that question.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I really marveled at getting asked if our girls were twins when they were only a few months old. Do the math, folks. Unless I was carting around someone else's infant (in a twin stroller, no less), singleton siblings would have to be at least 7 or 8 months apart, right? My babies may not look alike, but they're darn close to the same size (especially at that age)! I just chalk it up to people seeing multiples and flipping their ga-ga switch, all normal thought processes going out the window.

Oh, well...I guess it keeps things interesting! :)

Spayskdet said...

Hilarious! Blossom and Sparkles are 18 months, 5kg, & 10cm apart. Blossom has brown hair and Sparkles has blond. I can't count the number of times I've been asked if they are twins - HUH??? I guess it's just part of the joy of living in a different country where "all white people look the same".

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