Friday, 11 December 2009

Not a fan of the common mosquito

I've got a few issues today with the common mosquito. I am not a fan. They seem to be everywhere and causing trouble wherever they are.

I have questions about these little suckers. My top three mozzie-related queries are thus:

1. My poor little (nearly) three year old is covered in mozzie bites (again). He seems to get attacked the minute he gets into our backyard (or anyone else's for that matter). Even when I slather him in, probably highly poisonous, bug spray the poor little mite still gets eaten. He comes out in these great big lumps which he scratches constantly (surprisingly he hasn't had a major infection yet - cross fingers). So I ask, are there more mozzies out there these days or are they just becoming smarter, bug-spray resistent, super-mozzies?

2. My other son doesn't get bitten at all. Well, rarely. So why doesn't he? and finally,

3. My husband and I were having a quiet beverage last night, outside, after the kids were all (finally) asleep and I had been to the shops to start the Xmas shopping. It was pretty late, and yet, we were still being eaten alive by mozzies. I thought they went to bed after dusk. What's with that?

I know vampires are all the rage (fine '80s expression) at the moment. Think Twilight. Think True Blood. And I am quite partial to a vampire. But I could live happily without these blood-suckers in my life.

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