Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Shopping Fiasco

I hit the supermarket last night, as per the plan. The kids were all in bed and my husband (The Geege) was at home with them so I drove off at 7.20pm with my trusty list in hand and, apart from trying to be done by 8.30pm so I could be home for the final episode of Private Practice, all the time in the world.

It wasn't a bad time to go shopping I discovered. The local folk of Hornbsy must like their Tuesday viewing because I practically had the aisles to myself. This was a good thing as I am quite partial to a sing and a jiggle as I shop and I could do that uninterrupted.

I had quite a few items I had to really look for this week. That is one of the downsides of changing what you eat. You really can't find anything in the store. Except for the 80g of unsalted roasted peanuts, I think I managed to get the right quantities and flavours for all of my Weight Watchers meals. (The recipe selection on the Weight Watchers website is excellent. I am really just having the usual meals, just made the Weight Watchers way).

My biggest concession is the purchase of skim milk, which I am not a fan of. I figure I can have it on my cereal in the morning and add some milo if I want a drink of milk?

So after burning through the list and making it to the checkout (8.20pm), I was on target to be home for my TV show. I snagged a brand new checkout girl (not a major obstacle once I offered to bag the items for her).

At 8.30pm I went to pay for my shopping, which was surprisingly a little cheaper than usual and then it happened. You know. "It". My EFTPOS was rejected. My credit card was rejected. I had nothing to pay for my (almost) overflowing trolley load of stuff!

Of course, it had to be the one time that I left my mobile at home too. I had to ask to use the Coles landline so I could call The Geege to help me! The embarassment of it!

Fortunately for me, technology is so advanced now that The Geege could instantly transfer money and the cash register could "suspend" the transaction until I was ready to pay. In my day as a checkout chick, the transaction would have had to be "voided" and re-entered! I am grateful that I was a disorganised shopper in 2009, rather than 1999!

It didn't help me arrive home in time for Private Practice though. I caught it from about 9.00 onwards, so if anyone can tell me how the fire started that killed Heather, that would be great!

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