Sunday, 10 January 2010

Happy holidays with 4 kids

You now the feeling when you have a holiday and then you need another (solo) holiday to recover from your family holiday? Kids and holidays usually don't mix in my opinion.

Having said that, I just got back from a mini-break at the family holiday house and I have to say that I feel rather relaxed. Rested even. I don't know how that happened! Usually we go away for a few days and it is living hell. Crazy kids on a sugar rush fighting with each other and resisting all parental instructions. This time it was great! I mean, really fun.

Firstly, Nugget caught a fish when we went fishing, so this added excitement and a frenzy of activity looking at how fish breathe and swim and how to take their scales off. The kids asked so many questions about rivers and fish that the afternoon was taken up having a spontaneous mini-lesson (I have to say it felt a bit hippy home-school but we did go with it anyway).

Then, both Nugget and Doo-Dah learnt to swim with their bubbles on. This really is a miracle as they have both been literally clinging to us in the pool for the last few years. It was only Christmas that I got them out of the little spa at the end of the pool and into the actual pool! This revelation meant that it was close supervision only in the pool which meant that it actually felt like we had a swim ourselves. Awesome.

And lastly, we took all four of the kids (and Grandpa) out on the speed boat for a morning. The boys got to drive the boat with Grandpa and the babies had their first moment on the river. The wind blew our hair and the water lapped on the boat. It was terrific! A taste of freedom and adventure. And quite an achievement!

So you see. A holiday with four kids can actually work. Surprising but true. I have no idea why it was all so do-able this time, when other holidays have been so stressful. Just lucky I suppose.

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