Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Is 'busy' the new black?

I survived the Australia Day BBQ. Yay me! I did oveindulge a little, but I think I can bring it back by the end of the week. The good thing about a BBQ when you are dieting is that there are always plenty of salads. Usually you can count on a decent serve of green salad (only a Point or two if you have it with dressing) to bulk out your plate and just a little of the other salads for a taste. It felt good being so in control!

On the social front, I also did okay. As I predicted, few people really noticed my weight loss, but those who did made me feel good! It kind of kept the whole thing in the background, which is where I think it should be. You don't really want to be the bore counting other people's Points for them, do you? Is that what it takes to be a good weight watcher? I don't think so.

What I did notice though, is "busy" is the new black. People no longer answer the question "How are you?" with the standard "fine, thanks". I know that this hides a multitude of sins, but at least it is polite, and welcoming and well, positive.

Now the standard response is: "busy". Followed by a 'busy-off' competition of sorts about who is in fact the busiest or the person asking the question feels obligued to hear the woes of your life so the you can download some stress. It is crazy! There are only 24 hours in a day and we each fill them to the brim with the things that need doing.

When did busy become cool?

One of my New Year's resolutions was to try to ditch the word "busy" from my vocabulary (I have broken it regularly, but at least the thought is there!). Of course I am busy. I have four kids under five. So what? That is just the context of my existence. So when people asked me how I was going when I was at BBQ yesterday, I tried to answer something different: "I'm fine, thanks." It felt quite good too. As the conversation progressed, of course the details of life unfolded and the other person invariably commented on how "busy" I am, but at least it wasn't me!

So, how are you today? Busy?

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