Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Short and not so sweet

Well the household has been full of sick people since New Year.

It all started with my niece who was vomiting all night on NYE and, since we spent the night at their place, spread rapidly through our household afterwards.

The first one of our clan to go down was #3, the Dew Drop. Then #2, Doo Dah, followed by #1, Nugget, and myself and The Geege succumbed yesterday.

#4, The Minx, is yet to have her turn, so I still have that to look forward to. Not an awful lot of fun.

I did manage to weigh in yesterday for my Weight Watchers experience. I think I had a vomit-assisted number as I was down a staggering 3.5kg! Pretty stoked with that but feel it may be a false reading, given all that is going on in my body at the moment. Will have to see how it goes next week.

The Weight Watchers online program has been surprisingly easy to follow. I like how easy it is to plan meals and look Points up. You can even create recipes (i.e. type in your favourite recipes) and the program calculates the Points for you. Too easy.

I am going away for a few days with the family. I am looking forward to some co-parenting and the opportunity to do some swimming and walking sans children. Bliss! I hope to have an internet connection, but may not, so if I don't log in again until Sunday, good luck fellow Weight Watchers. I hope you have an excellent week.

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