Thursday, 28 January 2010

Three's a crowd?

I remember when I was pregnant with my third, before I found out I was having twins. The Geege and I had discussed having another baby and before we knew it, we were already pregnant. This didn't really enable us to have a lot of time to think about what it would be like or if we were ready or if our boys were ready for another sibling. It just happened.

Soon after we had done the pregnancy test and to our joy (horror?) it was positive, we had a family outing to the shops. I recall being in the food court and looking around at the other families. Everyone seemed to have 2 kids but very few had three. This scared me. It made me think that three kids might be too many?

I remember pointing this out to The Geege and him responding with some statistic about Australia being a negative growth country or something (scientific speak for we are no longer having lots of babies) followed by a question about why exactly are we having another child? (Little did he know :)

Well, I reckon the tides have been aturning in the last year! Three kids is the new norm in my local shopping centre, it seems.

I have been spending a bit of time there of late, getting my first born ready for school (he starts Kindy tomorrow), and I really think there has been a 'third baby' boom. I have seen many a frazzled Mum dragging two kids along AND pushing a stroller. Lots of families with 3 girls or 3 boys. Lots of families with 3 little kids.

The nuclear family is being over-run with an extra child.

The pigeon pair is being squeezed out by a third wheel. I love it!

It is happening closer to home too. I have 3 mums from my original Mother's Group due with their third babies in the next month or so. From a group of 11 women, that makes 5 of us who have 3 or more kids. Pretty overwhelming stats to support my argument (albeit that my sample group is small).

I wish each of these mums well in mastering the juggling act that a larger family requires. A much younger me was heard to say on more than one occasion that "Children should never outnumber adults", quite possibly the catch cry of a child who came from a family of 6 where her parents juggled teenage crisis after crisis (often looking exhausted and overwhelmed in the process). If the younger me could see the older me now!

So, is three a crowd? or are we taking a step back in the right direction?

Personally, I think it is great for our society because larger families contribute a lot to the sense of community. In my experience, larger families breed people who are used to sharing and compromising and recycling. People who have a commitment to their family and support the notion of family as a whole. People who are able to maintain long lasting friendships through thick and thin. People who can give as well as they get. People who can laugh at themselves.

All of these attributes equate to a pretty good start to being a fine, upstanding citizen. What are your thoughts?


Maxabella said...

It's true! Three is the new two and four is the new three. I'm so happy that bigger families are making a comeback. It's the best way to ensure a rich and happy life. x

bigwords is... said...

Love your post. I have three kids - I am hoping they learn to share someday soon!! Great blog. Pop over and visit mine one day if you find the time! x

life in a pink fibro said...

I think three is a great number. And so is four. :-)

Cate said...

I have three, and there's such a big gap between 2 and 3 that I would gladly have another so that 3 has the same bond that 1 and 2 do (don't tell my hubby tho'!). I love big families!

vegemitevix said...

I have three and although people often commented how I had my hands full these days I enjoy my three (two teens and a tweenie).

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