Thursday, 21 January 2010

What a week!? Going down in more ways than one.

Still getting through the Weight Watchers challenge for

Another weigh in today (Gotta love Wednesdays).

I am down 1.6kg! {Weight loss total to date = 7.7kgs}.

My weightloss goal this week is to shed 0.2 to get me back into the 70s (kilos that is!) Yay!

It really has been an incredibly stressful week. The Minx has been wriggling out of her plaster cast daily, so I have spent time on 4 days this week in the Emergency department of a hospital.

I discovered another of life's equations - Waiting + boredom + vending machine = TEMPTATION.

My old eating habits have been creeping back in. You know the feeling of searching mindlessly around in the cupboard for food? Or just finding yourself with the fridge door open, looking? This has been happening a LOT this week.

On most occasions I have been able to check myself and walk away, but it does concern me that those habits haven't changed, especially in times of crisis. The old me is still alive and well, albeit in a slightly thinner form.

Another thing I realised this week is that I have been hiding. I really haven't engaged in my life this year. I have just distracted myself with other activities (like hospital visits!), while I busy myself with this weight loss journey. I'm not sure of the significance of this, except that I am a little concerned that once I re-enter my life, my resolve will disappear.

I think I am a little scared that no-one will notice that I have lost weight?

Or what if people say I look great and I lose my enthusiasm to continue?

The psychology of this is so complex. I am sure a professional would have a field day.

I must re-engage with my 'usual' life. You know, get out. See people. Eat with people.

I will have to tackle this this week as we are attending an Australia Day BBQ tomorrow with the old crew. Challenging on two levels - A) food choices and B) socialising. I shall keep you updated.

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