Thursday, 4 February 2010

C25k - Couch to 5kms in 9 weeks...

I must say that I am struggling this week. I have been sticking to the Points plan, but I just feel less content. It all started when I posted my weigh in and the WW online program reprimanded me! Apparently I am losing weight too quickly (never thought that would be my problem, lol) and it is recommended that I see my doctor. All this week I have been wondering if I should? I think everything is all right. I feel pretty good (somewhat tired, but that is the norm for me after nearly 5 years of sleep deprivation). I certainly look alright (am back in my pre-baby jeans if you can forgive the tummy overhang?). Anyway, all of this has me trying NOT to lose too much weight this week and that means I am back to snacking. Urgh...

I counter-balance some of this negative thinking, I hit the Weight Watchers community forum. I flicked through a few threads and found a couple of really interesting things. Firstly, there is a "virtual onlince class". Each week anyone on the online program who wants to can log their weigh in results. It is a really good idea - another thing to keep you accountable. I think there were about 50 posts this week, so I certainly didn't read the whole thing, but the onliners seem to find this a useful tool. I don't really need to post there as I have the Kidspot community to keep me accountable (and you do I can assure you!) but it might help anyone else out there who is doing the program online?

I also found this mad group of women (I won't put any identifying features here in case they find it offensive), but let's just say these girls are serious about weighloss (some have lost up to 40kgs on the WW program) but not serious about anything else. They are very funny and I look forward to reading about their lives each day. They have introduced me to a fantastic website that I want to share with you.

The background

I asked my new online buddies about learning to run (they all seem to be very into exercise you see, but many do not go to the gym choosing to work-out outside, like I prefer to do). I have always wanted to be a runner and have never been very good at it. I fugure I MUST be able to become a runner? Anyway, it turns out that there are millions of people like myself, all over the world, and there is a program available to help.


Initially, I thought the new online buddies were talking to each other in code. What the heck is Week 3 of C25k? I googled it and viola, a whole new world opened up! C25k stands for Couch to 5kms i.e. learning to run 5kms from scratch in just 9 weeks. Sounds perfect? There is a website which has all the materials a person could need to follow this plan. There is a 9 week guide, maps, ideas, you name it, you'll find it somewhere on the site. And, the best bit, there are free downloadable Podcasts! Love it!

So, I have a few days to get myself equipped - need new bra and new running shoes (Thank God the Geege owns an outdoor store so I can get some good shoes without much hassle). I will download the Podcasts and be running from Monday. Anyone want to join me??

Feeling better already. Thanks for the download x

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