Monday, 8 February 2010

Having a retro moment

Well I am back in the 80s. Wrong way. Please go back...

I had a bad feeling about this week. I had my sneaky mid-week weigh in and I had put on 600g, so I spent the second half of the week eating soup and salads. I thought I would be up but was not prepared for the number on the scales this morning. 81.8! I have put on 2.8kg in one week!! How is that even possible???? After I got off said scales (aghast with horror), I thought "that can't be right!". I haven't had a binge, drunk too much alcohol, or even blown my Points this week (saved a total of 5.5 for the week). What the??? So I got back on. 81.0. Again. 79.6. Again. 81.1. Moved scales to another location and got on again. 80.7. Do you get the picture?

My new scales are just as unreliable as my old ones. Sigh. I don't know if this is new (maybe I never weighed 79.0 it was just a dummy reading?) or if the batteries are no longer working?

So I don't think I can reliably tell you what my weight is this week, but I can say that it is probably up on last week. I lodged the 2.8kg into my online WI. Crappy and disappointing.... The situation with my stinky, still wet ( will this moisture ever leave the air?) rugs is only adding to my misery.

Plan - new battery. Weigh in tomorrow. Organise cleaner for my rugs to improve the stench in this house.

Already feeling a bit better (hopefully the scales will be kinder with the new batteries in?). On a good note, I start my C25k this evening with my new shoes! Bra situation still not completely sorted, but have rediscovered an old sports bra in the bottom of my drawer and will give it a test tonight. Should be interesting. Will report back tomorrow.

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