Saturday, 13 February 2010

More floods and meditation matters

The heavens opened again last night. It absolutely bucketed down on our sloping backyard and straight into the house via the gap under the back door. Just like last week, only this week... this week we were ready!

At the first sign of heavy rain, The Geege donned his rain jacket and headed out with the broom. I rolled up the rugs and grabbed multiple towels from the linen cupboard and mopped up the river that was our kitchen and loungeroom. The Geege was calling things out to me like "Bag the back door" (never envisaged that being something I would need to do in my house!) "Stop the flow" etc.

It was an action-packed hour which culminated in The Geege crawling under the back deck (I was crossing my fingers that the rain had flushed away any funnel web spiders that may have been lurking around down there) to hammer out the 'man-hole' on the back deck. Phew. Further flooding averted. Rugs safe. Bonus Points = 1.5.

In the middle of it all, of course, one of the kids woke up. To be fair Doo Dah had had a big day and he was very over-tired by the time he went to bed at 8pm. He is 3 and trying to drop his day sleep (not cool with Mum). He had been at pre-school for the day, refused to nap and then went out to the Nugget's school Welcome BBQ with the family. He was beside himself and during the throws of the house rescue mission awoke screaming, needing cuddles etc. I responded to him, but the whole time was imagining how many litres of water had snuck into the house without my policing (not a very good example of "mindful" parenting!).

On the note of mindful parenting, I have started a Meditation course at the local Buddhist centre. I am not a Buddhist, although I wish I were in many ways, but have been a big fan of Buddhism for Mothers by Sarah Napthali during my parenting years. I have been re-reading her three books (I always know I am a bit out of control when I find myself searching out her words of wisdom!) lately. The last time I read them I promised myself I would start trying to find time to meditate. I did not as it was about 2 months before the twins were born! Who was I kidding?

Anyway, as I work my way through the first book again, I made the same promise to myself, and this time, I actually did seek out the opportunity to learn to meditate. I would have to say it was excrutiating! My mind is crazy, going a mile a minute. I found it so hard to sit still, to stop my mind from wandering, to just be.

I know I really need it because it was so darned hard.

What's more, since my "lesson" on Wednesday night, I haven't found even one minute to practise. My teacher, Jane, said it would be good if I could do 5 minutes a day. A little each day is much better than one big chunk the night before the next lesson (does she know me from somewhere? Me? Cram the night before the exam? Ha!).

So, now, in addition to sticking to 26 Points a day (I am doing much better this week after the last weigh in), exercising 3 times a week (have done 2 C25k runs this week with my third booked for tomorrow morning), I now have to find time to meditate each day too. Healthy body, healthy mind. That's what I am aiming for.

It doesn't leave much time to blog now does it?

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