Monday, 1 February 2010

Top five WW tips!

I felt sure that I had blown it this week. What, with the Australia Day BBQ, and then my 'date night' with the Geege last night, I was certain it would be the end of my losing streak. But, hooray for me, I lost another 1.2kg. I am officially back in the 70s. 79.0kg to be exact. It is hard to believe but I have lost 8.9kgs since we started this weightloss effort on December 28, 2009. I am absolutely stoked!

I thought it time that I shared my TOP FIVE teachings from the Weight Watchers Program.

1. Serving size is an exact science - when I make a meal that says "serves 4", it really does mean four! This means, serve up 4 portions and eat only one. My husband often eats one and a half because he says he is "a growing boy", I have one and the four kids finish the rest between them (that won't last long with 3 boys in the family, but for now it works really well). Prior to this Weight Watchers experience, I think my husband and I were eating all four portions between us. Might explain some of the excess weight we are carrying...

2. Try some of the Weight Watchers recipes - not only are the recipes really tasty, they are also very easy to cook. I have been having WW meals for dinner every night as they are low in Points and (the best bit) already broken up into the Points per serving so I don't have to work it out for myself. Some of the so-called "low fat" recipes from my other cook books are 10 Points per serve (about half your daily allowance), but the WW ones tend to be between 5 and 7 Points. Check out the website ( I think my favourite so far has been Chicken with Black Bean Sauce (

3. Don't snack your Points away - I have not been buying any snacks that are high in Points (max 2.5 Points). If the Geege wants some chocolate (my biggest temptation!), he picks it up on his way home from work so it is not sitting in the house for me to have. Any leftovers are then taken to work in his lunchbox! Having said that, I have indulged in a few squares of chocolate from time to time so that I don't feel "deprived". Small amounts, eaten less often taste even sweeter in my experience. A REAL treat! Otherwise we eat rice crackers, WW fruit cereal bars, fresh fruit or a couple of Natural Confectionary snakes.

4. Drinks carry Points values too - I have swapped my usual daily cordials for water and from fat Coke to diet Coke. I must say the number of Points in drinks was a little surprising to me (2.5 Points for a can of Coke). I think I have been drinking myself fat with all the sugary drinks I have consumed to combat sleep deprivation these past few years.

5. Keep moving - I have managed to walk 2-3 times per week for the past month. I walk for about 40 minutes, sometimes alone (the best!) but often pushing 2-3 kids in the pram (we have a skateboard attached for Doo Dah). I try to go the same times each week (like a scheduled gym class) so I can "fit it in". I also just try to be more active daily - you know, less yelling and more getting off the couch to referee the latest sibling clash. I am still dreaming of ways to add variation to my exercise routine (apart from having 3 different routes for the week). The Geege and I are going to go indoor rock climbing (something we used to do regularly) on our next "date night". We also have a night bushwalk planned when we can get our next babysitter. (NB the date night thing is new to us, another New year's resolution and a topic for another blog post I think).

And that is it. I have more things that I have learnt, but I will share them next time.

This week's goal is back to pre-baby weight (78kg). I look nothing like I used to (my tummy still sticks out further than my boobs, which is quite a feat considering I am breast-feeding twins!) but perhaps I will weigh a similar amount in less time than I thought possible.

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