Monday, 15 February 2010

What are your weightloss goals this week?

I can't believe how much the number on the scales effects my mood! A good weigh in and I feel great, like I can really do this thing. A "bad" weigh in and I am cactus. After last week's result, where I had put on weight, I have had a pretty down week. Not enough to give in, but enough to make me feel a bit cross and annoyed with myself. A bit, sort of edgy. I had a little tizzy fit.

But I worked really hard this week and started the C25k program. It has been a focused week, but with our "date night" on Saturday night and entertaining guests last night, I still thought it could go either way.

I got on the scales this morning and the result: 1.4kg loss! Whoo hoo.

I have now lost a total of 9.7kg in seven weeks. I am really happy with that. Very close to my pre-baby weight - although not recognisable as my pre-baby body :(

I have another 5 weeks doing the Kidspot/WW challenge (which I am truly grateful for! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Kidspot and Weight Watchers for this life-changing experience!).

Weekly goals:

In the short term, I will complete the Week 2 C25k program this week, start taking a multivitamin tablet daily and try to reorganise my eating to lower GI foods (fuller for longer!).

Program goal:

In the long term, I hope that I can pull up very close to the upper end of my healthy weight range (another 4.2kg). Might be a bit ambitious, but a gal has got to have goals...

What are YOUR goals this week?

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