Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Easter Show adventure

I'm not really sure why I thought it was a good idea, but it seemed okay at the time. Yesterday, I took Nugget and Doo Dah to the Easter Show. I am being dramatic because it was lots of fun, but the feralness of the children today are testament to how tiring it was for them. Truthfully, we go every year. We even went last year when Dew Drops and The Minx were about 4 months old. This year though we decided that The Geege could look after the twins for the afternoon, so it was just me and the 2 older boys. We did the whole experience - public transport to the venue, 3-4 hours milling around the Show and public transport home.

The train trip to Homebush Bay was great. We had to take three different trains, but the boys didn't mind as they had been begging me to have a trip on the train for ages. We had a drink and a snack and watched all the exciting things one can see from a train (train tracks, stations, other trains for those of you wondering) and counted the stations to the venue on the Cityrail map. My kids love a map. Easy. There was still a spring in their steps when we got to the showground.

The show itself was also great. The boys didn't want to see the animals (what the?) so we spent the afternoon going on rides, looking at the vegetable displays, attending a cooking class, checking out the show-bag hall, home-brought lunch sitting in the big arena watching the show jumping and watching the street parade. Throw in an ice-cream and you have a lovely afternoon with two very excited boys. Fresh(ish) air, exercise and not too many preservatives.

All the greatness was over by the time we headed home on the train. "Trains are boring" my nearly five year old said as we waited for 20+ minutes at Strathfield station for our train. My three year old, who had spent much of the day in the stroller I rummaged up before we left, decided he'd had enough of sitting and was running like a nutter all over the platform. Not cool. At one point I turned my head for a second and when I looked up to find him he was touching the Countrylink train that was sitting at the platform. Thankfully I managed to pry him away before the train left the station but still... get back behind the yellow line, dude. Can't you read? Oh! That's right you are three and no you can't.

When our train finally arrived, we struggled on and were stuck in the doorway. It was hot and cramped. I had a nasty case of "shoppers wilt" and I wished we had been able to sit for the journey, but I couldn't. Instead I had two little boys to entertain and lots of other passengers to be polite to and apologise to for the loud, energised state of my overstimulated company. The boys were actually very well behaved (for the situation) and there is something delightful about the way the innocent questions of children bring a smile to even the tough audience of a claustrophobic commuter. Doo Dah (to the 16 year old male with spiked hair) "Didn't your Mummy have time to brush your hair this morning?" Bless.

* Photo sourced from: goaustralia.about.com

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