Thursday, 11 March 2010

Entertaining my three year old is getting entertaining

I have been checking out a few different local options for entertaining the 3 year old on a Wednesday morning. With Nugget ensconced at school 5 days a week, ol' Doo Dah is driving me a bit nutty. The search has been eventful.

A couple of weeks ago we tried out "Mainly Music" (MM). It is run at one of the local churches, and being a non-church-goer type I have seen the sign for a few years and not been tempted. But as it is within walking distance, which only means three into/on the back of a pram, rather than carseats etc I thought "Why not?" A friend of mine from Mother's Group has been going for at least 2 years, how bad can it be? Well, pretty bloody bad. If a room filled (to the brim) with Mummy's and their under 4s singing bad songs in what can only be described as "off key falsetto" floats your boat, then Mainly Music could be for you. The facilitators were two fifty-plus women (I am being unkind, they were probably not really that old) with an overhead projector and a distinct lack of "pre-school voice".They were as engaging as a sack of potatoes. I had moments during the 2 hours (only singing for 45 mins) where I thought that if someone entered the room, saw a bunch of over-animated Mums (much more so than the Nannas up the front) and confused and frightened little kids, they would think it was some sort of sect. Needless to say I was not a fan. BUT on the plus side, the women who went there were extremely friendly and interesting, the babies thought it was marvellous and it was cheap (with a great morning tea provided). So, although I gave it one-star at the time, it does pave the way for another visit to MM should a Wednesday morning be rainy and the children feral.

I was telling one of the Mum's at school about my experience at MM afterwards, and she told me about Ready, Steady, Go (RSG). Her little 3 year old boy loves it and she thought I should try it out. So I did. I gathered the troops on Wednesday morning and we drove to the big basketball centre. Doo Dah was dragging his heels. He wanted to stay home and watch TV (not that that was on the cards!). To his surprise, and my delight, RSG was a real hit! They did athletics - running, long-jump, discuss and hurdles. There were at least 10 three year old boys, full of beans, bouncing all over the place. They were energetic! Excited! What Doo Dah lacked in skill, he made up in technique (he has a beautiful running style but must run on the spot because he was second to last every time) and enthusiasm. He had a hoot and whooped excitedly at the end - "Can we come again, Mum?" Now how could a Mum say no to that? On the down side, the program costs $175 per term (about $16 per week) and I spent the entire 45 minutes chasing the twins who spent the whole time climbing the steps and getting in the way of the 10 three year olds. All in all it was at least a 3 star activity, but was it the one? My search for a Wednesday morning activity may not be over yet, but at this stage we have a clear leader.

Funnily enough, I was at school this morning and was invited by another couple of Mums to hang out next Wednesday morning. Guess where they are going? Mainly Music. I giggled on the inside and told them a very hesitant "maybe". I didn't want to spoil their fun :)

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