Saturday, 27 March 2010

Musings from a weight loss journey

March 31 is the final day of our Weight Watchers program. It has been amazing and I have been truly transformed. Some thoughts on the process...

The weightloss has been far greater than I expected. It started with a bang (3.7kg in the first week) and kept steadily going down. I was aiming to lose 8kg in the 3 months (I thought I was being optimistic too which is hard for me, being a pessimist). In total I have lost 11.7kg. From a start weight of 87.9 down to 76.2kg. Only a couple of kilos shy of my "healthy weight range" and well on the way to a better shape and fitter lifestyle. I did plateau for the last couple of weeks and I think this is a combination of being less committed to the program (it certainly worked well when I was following all of the rules) and getting closer to my weight goal. Life just gets in the way sometimes don't you think?

I was one of the "on-line only" users, although other "star-bloggers" were doing the meetings or a combination I think? I found the on-line WW program easy to follow, although having done the program through traditional "meetings" approach before was helpful I think. I had all the basics down-pat before I started (just needed to be dredged from the bottom of my cortex). My advice to anyone tackling this approach would be to take your time to set up your "favourites" and recipes in the beginning (while it is all new and exciting) to save you time down the track.

The WW recipes are truly great. Tasty. Quick. Easy to prepare. Low in Points. What's not to like? I have some cookbooks that I have bought over the years and I downloaded many for future use too. They have helped me to modify some of my cooking techniques in other family favourites to improve the healthiness of our home menu, without altering the taste. This will definitely be a change for life!

One downside of the online program is that it has SO MUCH information that I think if you were new to all of this it would be a little daunting. Take baby steps. I found the Community noticeboards really helpful too, especially when the motivation lagged. There are lots of others documenting their journeys and you can gain valuable thin-spiration from them. Join a "thread" and interact with other Weight Watchers. The community members also pointed me in the direction of other awesome websites (such as where I discovered the runner within) that have supported my Weight Watchers program with exercise and other lifestyle changes. There are a lot of people out there losing a LOT of weight with this Weight Watchers and they are changing their lives in the process. It is amazing!

So really, this has been an EXCELLENT start to 2010 for me. I feel fitter, healthier and, most importantly, more in control of my eating and it is all thanks to Kidspot Social, Weight Watchers and me! I will be continuing my weight loss journey out of the world of "overweight" and into my healthy weight range and hope to acheive this by my 37th birthday (May 21).
I will be back after my final weigh in on Monday. Maybe I will get that 300g I have been trying to remove for the last 2 weeks to make it a clean 12kg. You'll have to tune in to find out :)

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