Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Oh for some babies that would sleep!

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The twins are approaching 15 months. They still have 2 day sleeps, but I want them to drop to one. I know it sounds crazy, but with Nugget starting school, and them sleeping twice a day, Doo Dah and I have been stuck at home for the past 2 months. We have barely been able to leave the house. It is tedious and Doo Dah is bored and watching too much TV!

So for the last week or so I have commenced operation one-day-sleep and have been "stretching" them out in the morning and trying to put them in for just one sleep. The problem is that they are now only sleeping for 40 minutes in the middle of the day. That's it. No more. In my haste to improve my own outlook, I have effectively changed them from three hours of sleep to one 40 minute nap.

It is driving me mad! They are completely feral by dinner and not eating well and then, of course, Dew Drop is carrying on all night (he's always been the troublesome sleeper) because he is so over-tired. The Minx has also been more difficult to get to sleep, but she sleeps through the night (as she has since she was four months old). Oh for some sleep!!!

Mother's guilt is consuming me because I think If I had just left them on the two sleeps none of this would be happening now. Selfish me.

The sleep deprivation has been problematic for my Weight Watchers too as I really crave carbs in the afternoon (rice crackers have been doing the trick and at only 1 Point for 10 they aren't causing Points blow-outs either).

We have been able to get out a bit more, which I think has done wonders for all of our mental health, but has the price been too high for the babies? I don't know whether to continue on with my plan, or go back to the two sleeps. Ideas? Thoughts?

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