Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The peanut butter roll-up slapper

Nugget only started school this year and after one term I was already over the drop-offs and pick ups. Not to mention the school lunches! I was looking forward to the school holidays. To some quality time with the big guy. To getting my 3pms back. To not having to wake babies to walk the 300m to the school to pick the little fella up, only to be stuck with two whingey babies and a stack of homework. Two whole weeks of freedom.

As it has turned out though, having four kids at home all the time is quite tiring. Our house is very small (our family planning was not in sync with our house budget) so it has been a complete bombsite constantly throughout the holidays. Toys, blocks and craft leftovers strewn everywhere. The clutter tires my brain. And then there's the fact that we have been getting out each day to break up the monotony (and reduce the 'screen time'). Playdates, trips to the park, the Easter Show, parties, Christenings, bushwalks and of course, our camping trip have all been thrown in to the holiday fun. It has been great but well, tiring. You know, more washing, less time to do it. Children whose routines have been a little skewiff. Even getting to the shops has been almost impossible. The food rations have been slowing dwindling...

So I have been doing my best to dress up the daily menu. Really we are just having the same thing each day (fruit, rice crackers, popcorn, and sandwiches) in a different sequence with a little treat or two thrown in when good behaviour is present. It is quite dull really. All low Points, but even I am bored. The kids love a bit of peanut butter and, with the nut-free zones at school and preschool they don't get to have it much these days. They ask for it daily. There are only so many times that you can enjoy peanut butter on bread isn't there? Well actually, we have managed to invent an awesome morning tea. We call it the peanut-butter-roll-up-slapper and the kids think it is great! So what is it? A piece of wholemeal bread with peanut butter on it, rolled in half and 'slapped' into their hand (like a low-five). Hey presto! The PBRUS! No dishes, no butter, no knives and a bit of fun to boot. They get their PB hit and I can still give them a healthier sandwich option. Win:win.

I will be approaching Term 2 through different eyes, being a school holidays survivor. I will try to appreciate the routine more and pine less for the 'freedom' of holidays. I will spend my time stocking up the pantry, getting the toy cupboard re-organised and the jigsaw puzzles back in their boxes, purchasing craft supplies and getting ready for the July holidays. I will be more prepared next time and hopefully, less tired.

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