Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Try not to peak in primary school

It's funny how starting a child at school reintroduces all of the old school cliches into your life. I wasn't really a big fan of school. I went to school in an era where it wasn't very cool to be smart. Growing up in a smallish town on the South Coast, and going to the local co-ed public school there was a diverse group of kids in my year. I think we had 300 in my grade in Year 7. Quite sizable. There were groups of kids from the Beaches, the 'cool' group, the 'toughies', the 'smokers', the 'dags' (actually I remember a few of those lol), the 'rejects', you know, groups of all sorts being labelled all sorts of things. I was in the "brainy" group and we spent our time covering up our exam results for fear of persecution. "Did you STUDY?" As if studying were a dirty word. You know how it was.

Picking up Nugget from school each day has me facing a new generation of different "types" of people. I can already see how the game might play out. Take Nugget's new BFF, L. He is a cute boy with a gruff voice who is already a player. He has all the kids wanting to play with him (thanks largely to a Lego catalogue he swans around with in the playground) and he is already bullying kids out of their lunchbox treasures, well, largely my boy, but that is another story. So you can see L as one of the "cool" kids already.

And then there is J. He is a shy boy with a speech delay (it is okay for me to say this as I was a Speech Pathologist in another lifetime) who is quite delightful and smiley but who is already the butt of some of the boys jokes. His parents are equally nice, but equally daggy and I can see that boy J has little hope of being anything other than a "dag". Personally I rather like the dags of the world, but the schoolyard has never been kind to them historically.

And lastly there is H. She is an adorable, blonde, giggly little girl. She looks fabulous in her uniform, always meticulously pressed, with her little bobby socks. Her Mum recently purchased her some "scungies" to wear under her dress because she was noted to "chuck a leggy" (her Mum's words, not mine). The girls swoon around her in the playground. She is destined to be a "popular". Her parents both were, you can just tell by their vernacular and breezely outlook on life, not to mention her perfect-hair and his perfect-teeth.

So already the stage is being set, and some of the characters have their parts. Which group will the Nugget find himself in? Who knows, but if he learns anything from his mother it will be that you do NOT want to peak in primary school. Find your feet. Have some fun. Learn as much as you can. But don't sweat the little stuff. Honestly, you will struggle to remember primary school when you get into your late 30s as I am. But, if you are lucky, you will catch a glimpse of your old self in your child's playground, dressed in someone else's uniform, wearing someone else's shoes, but playing your old part.

BTW I lost 100g this week. Not a huge loss, but "heading in the right direction" as Sister A reminded me. I hope you are still on the Weight Watchers path with me. Drop me a note to let me know how you are going.


life in a pink fibro said...

I'm SURE I commented on this post the first time around. Where did it go? Nugget will be fine. He'll be a fringe dweller, just like the rest of the clan, and come good well outside of primary school parameters.

Stacia said...

I was a brain. And my husband was a brain. And so our kids are destined to hide their test results from their peers for all eternity. It ain't a bad life, really. Better than a Lego catalog any day of the week. =>

(Visiting from Alison's. Merry early Christmas!)

Suzie G said...

I was a dag in primary that turned into a brain in high school.. only to return to an in-between stage when I left for an all-girl boarding school. Hubby was on the popular side of the fence, so who knows where the kids will end up!

A Farmer's Wife said...

I was smart at school too. When you catch up at school reunions it is often the smart kids that have the tiger that is life by the tail now...

I love, love, love the fact that your blog URL includes "piles of washing". Our laundries are obviously kindred spirits.

Take care.

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