Monday, 15 March 2010

I lost a gold bracelet!

Well, thank God for technology I say. If it weren't for pinpoint accuracy of scales, my last few weeks of weightloss would hardly have been recordable! I am down 300g this week. Really that is just a meal and a stop at the loo isn't it? The image is 300g of pure gold- it isn't much is it? (This is worth $9 000 though apparently!) Side bar - isn't this picture terrible? I mean, would you spend all that money after looking at this unprofessional photo? What were they thinking???

I feel a bit cheated because I have had a bumper week this week. I tracked daily, stuck within my Points and added 12 Activity Points (and used only 3 of them). C'est la vie I suppose. Maybe my hard work will show up on the scales next week?

On the up side, at least I didn't put on the gold bracelet! Next week I want to lose at least a necklace, or even a necklace with a matching pair of earrings and an anklet.

How did you go this week?

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