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What to name the twins?

I was reading the newspaper recently and they published the 2009 data on NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages top 10 names for babies. This year Isabella and William took out the honours, with last year’s favourites, Jack coming in at number 2 and Mia, at number 4.

It got me thinking about the terrible time we had trying to come up with names for the twins! Finding not only one name that both parents agree on, but two (or more) is a pretty challenging task. Although the possibilities are endless, there seems to be a theme in twin-naming, especially in the US! You need to decide whether or not you want the names to connect in any way (baring in mind that the names you choose will share a connection in the minds of people who know your children).

Some ideas that we discovered on the internet when we were looking at naming our twins. You may think I am a nut, but it is a much more difficult task than you first think!

Common Beginning (Same initial letter):
Just as a set of twins start their lives from a common source, so is the most popular method for naming baby twins in the US – twin names that start with a similar sound. It is a bit naff, but an overwhelming 52% of the most commonly used twin names follow this pattern. Considering our twins are Jake and Gemma, it is little wonder that I place this method at the top of the list!

The most popular twin names with similar beginnings are:
BOYS—Jacob and Joshua; Daniel and David
GIRLS—Ella and Emma; Madison and Morgan
MIXED—Emily and Ethan; Emma and Ethan

Mirror Image (Anagrams)
A unique way to match twin names is to find two names in which one spells the other in reverse. Such names are hard to find, and parents who find mirror names with a personal significance have come across a real gem. Check out for some good options. You may be thinking that this cannot be real! Do people really do this? But trust me, when you are stuck trying to name twins you too could find this a compelling option.

Some examples include:
BOYS –Noel and Leon
GIRLS—Neelia and Aileen
MIXED—Aidan and Nadia; Axel and Lexa

Meaningful Doubles (Similar meaning or origin)
The final option that I list here is a more intellectual connection - names whose meanings are the same. Being a person who loves language and sounds (have I mentioned that I was a speech pathologist in a former chapter of life?) I find this to be a lovely twin connection. Names with similar meanings can add a profound connection to a name pair.

Here are some favourites:
Aurora and Dawn—both mean “dawn” in Latin
Dorothy and Theodora—both mean “ in Greek
Grace and Hannah—Hannah is Hebrew for “grace”

While cute name pairs may be appealing to you, there are the DEFINITE NO-NOS! Just as naming your child after a piece of fruit you ate daily during the pregnancy (think Gwyneth) may seem a great idea at the time, some twin name couplets are just not on. Remember that these names will be used often together and not only when the children are at school, but also when you are out and about pushing them in the pram... in your presence... connected to you. You might want to think twice before using the following combinations. Some of them are real, some I rather like, and others, well….

LUKE AND LEAH (I like this one!)

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